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  1. Christie...thanks a ton!=)
  2. Awesome pictures! You look great!!!
  3. Hey Alvin. Yes!! Day 2 was amazing. I have a Fitbit somewhere but actually use my Polar watch. Maybe if I find it I'll start using it again. LOL! 230000 steps!! You rock. You got any race goals? Mine is to run a half marathon by December! So far I really am enjoying the running endorphins!! Yes. Definitely checking in.
  4. Started Monday buddy. My schedule is funky so I gotta get organized quick. Most of my running will be indoors until spring. Yesterday was Day two...plus I had 90 minutes of soccer in the evening and ran the whole time. 23,000 fitbit steps and a buttload of burned up calories. A hot bath and I felt amazing going to sleep last night=) Lets keep checking in and if you ever get a fitbit, you can link up with me so we can encourage each other through the app.....Alvin
  5. Happy New Year! Completed my first day of C25K. It was amazing. Wrote a blog about it. What day are you starting yours??
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