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  1. I can see that my neck has more skin but it did bounce back a bit. I guess I need to wait a little longer to see how bad it will be. But so far I'm happy about the weight loss so skin in not a big deal. I do have bat wings and an apron but it's getting also a little better with time. I will get a tummy tuck in a few months, especially because I have some major issues with my abdominal muscles...I have to wear a compression garment to be ok.
  2. Thanks Sandra! I thought that loosing weight would make me look older but it's only my neck that looks a bit scrawny haha. How are you getting on ? Xx
  3. Great photos! Look like you went back in time and lost ten years at the same time! I wish it was the same for me but so far more wrinkles are showing up ;-)
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