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Why Don't I Want to Eat and Why the Strong Sense of Smell?

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by , 12-27-2011 at 09:51 PM (701 Views)
A little research for those interested. Also for those pre-sleeved folks - some information on what is to come.

According to a published scientific research a hormone called “GHRELIN” makes people hungry, slows metabolism, and decreases the body’s ability to burn fat. This hormone is produced in the stomach. Gastric Sleeve operation removes the section of the stomach in which Ghrelin is produced. The non production of this hunger relating hormone results in preventing an increase in appetite.

What is Ghrelin and why does it Matter to the Gastric Sleeve?


Ghrelin is secreted by the cells that line your stomach. It responsible for stimulating your appetite and has been found to increase the appetite before eating and to decrease it afterward. In earlier tests, humans who were injected with ghrelin reported an increase in hunger. In addition, research seems to demonstrate that ghrelin suppresses the utilisation of fat in the adipose tissue. In essence, ghrelin appears to be at least partially responsible for letting the body know when it is hungry and for keeping the body informed about the energy balance of the brain and the body. In the gastrointestinal system, ghrelin stimulates emptying of the gastric system.

While many of its functions are related to digestion, receptors for ghrelin have also been found in the heart and parts of the brain. Now in a new study receptors for ghrelin have been found in the olfactory bulb, the part of your brain involved in processing odors.

Hunger hormone enhances sense of smell

The sense of smell is among the factors responsible for the sense of hunger and obesity | Online Pharmacy

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  1. tprincess's Avatar

    Among these functions, ghrelin was found to regulate gastrointestinal motility and associated sensory functions, to modulate the reproductive and stress axes, mood and emotion, glucose metabolism, as well as affecting the cardiovascular system and renal function.

    See: Update on Ghrelin
  2. Gwyn's Avatar
    If ghrelin enhances the sense of smell, why does it seem like my sense of smell is much more sensitive now than it was before?
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  3. tprincess's Avatar
    Ghrelin is produced in more places in the body than the stomach. I believe that because the stomach has been removed that had much of the Ghrelin, the need to eat has been diminished thereby allowing for greater sensensivity to other things.
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  4. JTBRESSLER's Avatar
    I was wondering about this. My sense of smell is super-acute now-- I can smell milk in the fridge 3 days before it's thinking about going bad now! LOL. At least I am hardly hungry now. Thanks for sharing!
  5. slim&proud's Avatar
    My surgeon told me that they used to take less of the stomch out, well not less but they cut it away further up, and after a while the ghrelin would come back because the part of the stomach that produces it is the bottom part, which is/was left. Now they cut away more of the stomach so that ghrelin can't come back. Thank goodness!