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Nausea - I need it to go away!

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by , 12-27-2011 at 09:16 PM (578 Views)
Can anyone give their home or bought remedies for nausea. I am almost 8 weeks out and still get so sick sometimes I can't stand it.

Called the dr and waiting on his advice, but need something now.


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  1. Coloardian's Avatar
    Do you have good insurance? When I was pregnant I had to get on medication for nausea, it was very expensive, but insurance will cover it. I know meds are not ideal, but maybe you need to go on them for a short while until everything calms down. Other things you could try are sucking on a lemon when you feel nauseous, they have prego pops at babies r us that are all natural for nausea, there is a bracelet you can buy at the drugstore called a see sickness braclet that works by using pressure points in your wrist. I know what it is like to have horrible nausea, and I feel horrible for you, because I know how miserable it is! Google nausea and try everything , hopefully you can find something that works for you! I would consider nausea meds for a little bit though, and tell them you want good ones! I really hope things get better soon for you!
  2. tprincess's Avatar
    Thanks Coloardian - I will give anything a try.
  3. Dana's Avatar
    This may not be your problem but I had to stop the protein drinks and any meds or liquid vitamins. they all made me nauseous. if I took a reg vitamin on an empty stomach the same thing would happen. I felt 100% better just watching out for these things. I hope its that simple for you. sorry!
  4. RZRrider's Avatar
    I too had to stop protein drinks for a bit I am 6 weeks out and just now can have one once in awhile. also if I eat an egg for breakfast I will be nauseaous all day. experiment with different foods some will make you sick maybe some will not stick to them for a while.
  5. nursejen77's Avatar
    I'm finding the protein shakes make me nauseaous too.