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by , 09-06-2013 at 12:31 AM (247 Views)
this Saturday the 7th i will be 18 days out. i am nervous about getting my staples out. does it hurt at all? just curious.......

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  1. Think's Avatar
    It just feels like a little pinch if they get part of the skin other than that I didn't feel anything, and they actuallylet me take some of my own out. I have never had staples in a laparoscopic surgery site, just maybe a stitch or steristrips. How do your incisions look? When will they be taking them out?

    Just making sure, you are not talking about the internal stomach ones, right?
  2. niamh's Avatar
    Yeah I don't know of anyone who has had staples for incisions - obviously the internal staples for the stomach are permanent. I had dissolving stitches and steri-strips. No difficulties at all for me as nothing had to be taken out. I know some folk on here had stitches that needed to be taken out - sounds very routine.
  3. Nervia's Avatar
    I didn't know they used staples for laparoscopic surgery, but if you have them don't agonize ! I had a c- section years ago and agonized over the staple removal for a week, sat there totally tensed waiting for the pain, and the doctor handed me the cup full of staples! He had removed them and I wasn't even aware!...I thought he was putting some numbing gel on the area, lol...
  4. Scarlett1978's Avatar
    lolol......no im not talking about the internal ones. they did use staples on my 6 incisions. i get them out saturday which will be 18 days out. my incisions look good for the most part. only a little redness where the staples go in......but the actual incisions themselves look great.
  5. Ladyinwaiting's Avatar
    I had about 24 staple across my stomach for an abdominal hysterectomy. they really do not hear coming out. Just a tiny pinch if they skin or scab is on them. You'll be fine.
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  6. Scarlett1978's Avatar
    Thanks all!
  7. ThisIs4Me's Avatar
    It just pinches a little when they take them out. Im surprised u still have them in at 18 days, that's a long time. Usually staples come out at 10 days. The only time it hurts is if the skin started attaching to the staples and that's not all that bad ( ive had 3 c sections and back surgery) it just pinches a little more...u will b fine
  8. ChrissyD's Avatar
    OMG I was so scared to get mine out well because I am a huge baby when it comes to pain. I was shaking I was so nervouse and the Doctor said one down. I was what you did it?? I didn't even feel it. You will do great and OMG the feeling after they are out is so great! Best of luck to you.
  9. Mem's Avatar
    Didn't hurt at all!!!! God Bless..Mem
  10. Scarlett1978's Avatar
    My Dr is in Dallas which is A 3 1/2 hr drive.....he comes to texarkana every other weekend which is only an hours drive that's why it has been 18 days. That's exactly why I worry about it hurting....cause its been so long. We will find out tomorrow around 11......will find out how much weight I've lost too so i am anxious all the way around. Lolol