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Dr. Lopez, Tijuana MX

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by , 01-07-2014 at 06:49 PM (188 Views)
I just thought this might help anyone having or thinking of having surgery with Dr. Lopez.

Dr. Lopez was great. You see him before surgery and a few times after at the hospital. What i can tell you is that knowing Spanish helps but if you don't you're fine because he speaks great english but the nurses especially at night aren't as bilingual. Dr. Lopez has done this a thousand times and he has other Drs assisting as well. I never felt unsafe or like there would be complications.

As far as what to bring all I can recommend is Gasx strips, ear plugs because there is a club of some sort next to the hospital that was loud on saturday night and chapstick. You really don't need much. I'd recommend a couple of jogging suits for walking around the hotel and for going out shopping with Raul. It's really a nice experience! There's a little convenience store next to the hotel so you can get hard candy and popsicles which i needed because my throat was irritated after the surgery. Nothing horrible though.

Also, make sure whoever comes with you is proactive about eating. The nurses and coordinator forgot that my partner still had her stomach and she was starving while at the hospital because the cafeteria closes at 4pm. There is a OXXO /7 eleven type convenience store right around the corner from the hospital. at the hotel there is plenty to eat at the restaurant. There's always a buffet going on it seemed and it looked amazing. so for your companion they can get the buffet and get a to go box full of food (not like US buffets) and eat it for lunch and dinner too for about 15 dollars.

Because Tijuana is so touristy most people speak some English and everybody converts to dollars for you.

That's all I can think of for now but feel free to message me with ANY questions really... I wish I'd had someone to tell me these things beforehand.

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  1. Roxie Hargrove's Avatar
    Thank you for that information. I am scheduled for surgery 01/23/14 and I am really nervous, and excited. If you can think of any other advice it would be appreciated.