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One year later!

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by , 10-24-2013 at 11:53 AM (243 Views)
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It's been a great year! Am I at my goal? No, but I am not discouraged. My weight has been stable for the past five months, no . . . not a stall but a period of adjustment!!! I have been adjusting to the new me and coming to grips with a completely new mind set. Now I am happy with my body and lifestyle changes of the past year. My only regret is that I waited so long to make these changes for my health both physical and mental.

WILL I be able to reach my goal? YES, but it will require that I work even harder than I did this past year! Did I really exercise -- well not traditional exercise, but this fall, winter, spring, and summer I will need to add more structure. I will continue with all of my landscaping activities -- today will be at least four hours dealing with fall leaves, and again tomorrow as well; this winter will be ditch digging and pathway preparation (next summer will involve finishing the pathways with crushed granite, stepping stones, and pea gravel).

I also need to get back to really monitoring my food! This past spring and summer I've eaten what ever and when ever I wished. No, I've not gone overboard, but at the same time not all of my choices have been the best. It seems as fall comes into swing I do better at meal planning and preparation. I will continue to sip water all day!

My message to those of your who are discouraged -- look back at how far you've come, think about if you could have made the changes you have without your sleeve, and love yourself. Will you stall? Yes! Will you make mistakes? Yes! Can you forgive yourself and start again? YES, YES, YES!
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  1. adoptapup's Avatar
    Thank you for the encouragement