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Protein Drink

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by , 09-30-2011 at 09:01 PM (494 Views)
I am less than two weeks post-op. I am supposed to drink protein drinks and my hospital recommends Atkins High Protein Shakes. I'm sorry, but these shakes are nasty and they make me sick. Does anyone out there have a recommendation of any other protein shake that doesn't taste so bad? I would really appreciate your help!

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  1. tesleenmitchell's Avatar
    Protein powder taste different to everyone. I suggest going online or to your locate vitamin store and ordering lots of samples till you find one you like. Everyones tastes are different


    Great recipes on this blog! she uses flavorings and sugar free syrups for amazing shakes. Once your on mushy stage she has protein ice cream recipes too. Cake recipes, protein truffles, etc. I haven't tried yet. All of this uses these sugar free syrups and its an amazing way to get in protein.

    Something for you to check out

    I to am still looking for a protein powder I like.. and congrats on your surgery best wishes.

  2. Lainef28's Avatar
    Muscle Milk tastes pretty good and so does Body Fortress.....you can find both at Walmart
  3. Jessica D's Avatar
    EAS Carb Advantage. Cheapest at Walmart, but carried at Meijer and Kroger too.
  4. boca10282's Avatar
    I thank you all for your help. I will take your advise and sample protein drinks until I find the right one for me!
  5. Slim1414's Avatar
    ISOPURE apline punch pre made drinks....8oz have 15g of protein, but buy them online....
  6. brendadenton64's Avatar
    yep yep muscle milk and eas both taste great partial frozen, you almost forget that they are protien shakes
  7. Secrettolife's Avatar
    I had trouble finding one I liked too, then someone recommended unjury.com. I ordered two tubs of vanilla and one sample of chocolate splendor. Tried the vanilla and didn't like it so was gonna send it back cuz they have satisfaction guarantee (but u do have to pay shipping back). Right before packaged up thought I would try the chocolate splendor. So glad I did. I loved it. Sent vanilla back for exchange for chocolate splendor. And if u put a little peanut butter in it tastes like a reeses. DELISH!

    I recommend making it ahead of time and sit in fridge to get real cold and reduces the foam that is produced initially (I use a small blender to mix it)

    A lady at group also mentioned sunkist protein bullets. If u mix it with sugar free grape cool aid it is ok. Have to mix it just right. They have fewer carbs than the unjury. U can find them online or in some health stores that carry supplements.

    Good luck
  8. Kim42's Avatar
    I use the unflavored unjury protein....20 grams to one scoop...I put it is sugar free fruit punch and you can not taste it....unjury.com.
  9. ChubbychicMD's Avatar
    I can only drink premier protein from sams club..they're the best with 30grams in each..they taste great