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Ideas for Your Meals Nutrician first 2 weeks after surger!

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by , 08-01-2013 at 08:13 AM (152 Views)
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Hello All, 10 days after sleeve, It is a MIRICAL and I am loving every minute of my NEW life. especially the food! I will tell you what works for me, you must adapt to what your doc and baby tummy says. I have had no pain , no soreness and no discomfort at all and no pain pills needed. The second ENERGYMirical is the B12 shots! Ice a spot,dry it w/alcohol, remove air needle. and inject yourself, Does not Hurt 1 bit!
I purchased the Complete BERRY flav LIQUID vitimins with Biotin and the essential fatty acids we need to prevent hair loss) from COSTCO- Take 1 oz 2X daily- Cold-great taste. I also love the 26 Gram small bottle of liquid protein from Drugstore.com cost 11.99 for 6 small sample bottles. I sip 1 bottle of this throughout the day until empty by bedtime, with my 4 small meals. 27 grms done! It taste great. First thing when I wake up at 5am, I take my 1st antbiotic with a tablespoon of baby applesauce to make it easy to swallow and water. About 1 hour later ,I take a few sips of my liquid protein with my regular black coffee also. I take 1 20 mlgram omeprazol (cuts stomach acid and helps prevent hunger) This Was in Dr Amazas meds optional package, cost extra) I keep my water bottle handy all day and drink purified bottled water -cheap 30 bottles costco-5 bucks. A few hours later, I am ready for my delicious breakfast- I have made 3 different soups this week from ORGANIC veggies. #1 Mushroom, #2 Carrot and #3 Spinach all pureed and thick from my VITIMIXER-(Must strain if using any other processor.(NO LUMPS) Small lumps make the new tummy CHURN to digst them and that could loosen your staples!!) (tHANK YOU, NURSE MONIQUE) I have homemade chicken stock made w/ Chicken bones (whole carcass is best) Remove meat, double onions,carrots and celery, 3-5 Bay leaves, I buy 1 borrle of chicken seasoning- add slowly to tast) Brown bones slowly in 2 T EVO , add water otr broth to cover bones and chp veggiesMUST SIMMER- 3 hours-Do NOT cook fast or it ruins consistancy) Strain and store in covered glass jars in frig. I also make a Well Baked potato. and I buy strained baby food meats for flavor and Xprotein, Now I mix up a wonderful different soup, every meal.. ex; 1/3 broth,1/3 carrot soup,1/3 chicken baby food, 1 T unflav Injury protein, 1 T Bk Potato,and a pinch of Cayenne! Vitimix it!

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