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  1. What does feeling full feel like???

    by , Today at 08:28 AM
    I have my surgery tomorrow, and sitting here wondering about everything of course. What does feeling full feel like with the sleeve? How does it stop you from over eating? I can feel full now pre surgery and continue to eat. I know its mostly in your head, but im strictly talking physical.
  2. 6 month check up

    , Today at 08:27 AM
    It was actually a week past seven months when our schedules finally allowed for the appointment so my numbers are not a true reflection of where I was at 6 months post op. Things have been moving at a snails pace the last couple of months though so it couldn't be that much different.

    It was an odd appointment as I was feeling a bit down about how slow things have been moving and was nervous the Dr wasn't going to be pleased with my progress. I have lost 68 pounds which calculated ...
  3. 100b lost milestone

    by , Today at 07:44 AM
    I continue to be aware that most things I post are scales-related. There might be a couple of reasons for that (hmm... will be thinking about that all day now!) but here's the latest numeric milestone...

    ... I've lost 100lbs in the 8 months since my surgery, down to BMI of 25.7..!

    So what else is new..?

    First... the bad. I'm currently suffering from my first big gout attack ...
  4. Today was a bad day.....

    by , Today at 12:01 AM
    Today I let my food cravings get the best of me....lately I've been craving all kinds of bad foods that I know I'm not suppose to eat and today I messed up big time....for breakfast I had a breakfast burrito with eggs and sausage...I was only able to eat a little under half of it...by lunch time I was hungry again so I went to Mickey D's and got a home style burger w/extra onions and them dam fries "super sized" and my drink of choice was a coke zero (first time tasting this drink)...blah...I ...
  5. Ready!!!

    by , Yesterday at 11:35 PM
    Everyone keeps asking me if I'm nervous yet! Im not nervous im ready! Ive researched and went to numerous seminars over the years! So im not nervous but ready! Ready for what! To utilize this tool to help obtain a healthier me ! I pray everything goes well for me as well as for each one of you!