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  1. 04/24/14-band is gone!

    by , Today at 11:15 AM
    Band was removed 04/16/14-procedure went well. Little pain, more side effects from going under than anything. Scheduled to be sleeved 06/10/14!
  2. 2 Weeks Post Op

    by , Today at 11:01 AM
    Hi Everyone- I'm 2 weeks post-op today and I'm feeling great. I cannot express how happy and surprised I am at my recovery... I had little to no gas pain whatsoever... the surgery pain was more of a cramping type pain than anything but after my 2 days in the hospital I took Advil at home for the next 2 days and that was it... I needed no heavy-duty pain meds at all once I got home. I think my biggest issue was feeling very tired. The first few days home I felt drained. Simple tasks like just ...
  3. New to this

    by , Today at 10:47 AM
    Hi, I was sleeved 4/8/14. All in all I say everything went great. My Dr. let me return to work on 4/16/14. Great feeing. I breezed right through the liquid and puree' phases. I have always been a big fan of water so am able to get it in daily. My big problem is that I like water so much that I can't stand sipping it. I just want to big gulps and just down bottle after bottle like I used to. Now the protein drinks are a different story, I am literally getting sick of them. I walk on the treadmill ...
  4. One Week Post!

    by , Today at 10:42 AM
    One week Post today! I know I have a long way to go but just having the surgery takes care of half the battle. Learning to take it one day at a time. Hunger has only visited me once all week and Four tablespoons of soup took care of that. Hunger is nearly gone but cravings...now that's a whole other story. The cravings are so strong that I am dreaming about them. I don't know why they're so strong because I haven't had sweets or junk food in months. Other than some soreness and swelling no ...
  5. Is this normal?

    by , Today at 10:13 AM
    Hey Team - quick question. I am 2 weeks post op. Yesterday I was finally able to get in 3 meals and 2 snacks. I had about 650 calories and 65 gm protein. Felt good all day. Never felt like I over-ate. I woke up this morning, and the thought of eating is making me feel sick. I tried to eat yogurt and probably only got about 2 oz in. Is it normal to eat fine one day, and not feel like eating the next?