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  1. Happy easter

    by , Today at 04:30 PM
    happy Easter everyone, today is my food funeral and the day i say goodbye to the solid ad hello to the liquid. but i will make it i hope (fingers crossed) lol
    hope everyone is enjoying your day with friends and loved ones
  2. New Guy in Town

    by , Today at 02:30 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by woodi618 View Post
    I had my surgery also on January 14, 2014. Best decision I ever made. My only problem is trying to figure what to eat and when I am full. Also if I eat within 2 hours of going to bed I will have terrible acid reflex. I'm down 90 pounds and it looks like both of us are doing good. Only sad part for me I now actually do not look forward to eating. I used live to eat, now I only eat to live. Welcome to the Forum.

    I too used to live to have a good meal. I have found a couple ...
  3. getting a little closer

    by , Today at 02:27 PM
    Wow only 9 days til surgery getting nervous but excited for how things will be. I didn't think the 6 mos. would end and now can't believe that the 6 mos. is over and am on my presurgery diet. One more class on thursday and one more blood test on Monday. Surgery is set for 10:30 on Tuesday 4/29 which is also my granddaughters birthday. I keep thinking about what is to come and how this will change things my daughter and her fiance are taking me with the grandkids to disney world in september and ...
  4. Only is a four letter word

    by , Today at 01:52 PM
    As I continue my transformation, I have decided to avoid using the word only. It is often a negative and doesn't provide any value just regret. If I only had surgery years earlier. I only lost X many lbs. If only I had taken control of my weight issues sooner I would not have needed surgery. Sound familiar?

    I have no plans to feel sorry about my situation. After all, the tumors were all benign, my kidney function is stable. In less than 3 weeks I experience my first flight since ...
  5. Easter

    by , Today at 09:24 AM
    Hi everyone, I had the chance to go to Easter with relatives 5 hours away with my son and his gf, but would still need to use my wheelchair for some parts of the trip so I decided to wait till I could walk further. It makes me sad that I am not going to be there, I would just like more time with my son, I don't care if I see the rest of the family on his side, I guess that is not nice to say but honestly, they are boring..guess thats bad. What I looked forward to is the big meal, which of course ...