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  1. They wouldn't accept me in the program - I consider it a NSV!

    by , Today at 10:36 AM
    Okay, my job has a new program with WebMD, its a program where you meet (via telephone) with a health coach each week, evidently when I filled out the questionaire (I believe it was last year), I was a shoe in and a canditate for the program. I got a call yesterday to go over the program and to ask some questions. When he asked my height and weight I told him and he said, well it says you weigh over 200Lbs, and I explained to him I did but now have lost because of the sleeve. He said they are ...
  2. A Slow start !!!!

    by , Today at 09:33 AM
    Any1 else on here have a slow start to their journey?

    Its been nearly 2 weeks and no loss a 2lb gain since my surgery
    Still feeling a little bloated and sore when i bend awkwardly
    Im not stressing too much and am expecting it to kickstart very soon
    Just looking for re-asurrance that im not the only 1 this has happened to x
  3. Progress update for those interested

    by , Today at 08:47 AM
    I have dropped two sizes since I started down this road to healthy with my pre-op liquid diet on June 2, 2014. According to my scale, I'm a third of the way to the goal weight my dr decided on. I have no regrets about my decision to have surgery. It was THE best thing I've ever done for myself and I'm excited to see where this road will end!

    In 7 weeks:
    Total weight lost ~ 31.6#
    Total inches lost ~ 19.75
  4. 11 months Post Surgery Confession

    by , Today at 08:39 AM
    Family.... It is only with you all that I can be honest. I reached 192lbs by my 10th month (Yes 120lbs is a BIG deal). But, I have been stalled since then. Even fluctuated a pound up and down. I've become so complacent, I got used to the weight just coming off. I've also started eating slider foods. It began a little nibble here and there, then a whole cup full. I've even had some alcohol. Now with my One Year Surgiversary only a month away I had to do a Personal Reality Check. I realized that I ...
  5. speed eating.

    by , Today at 08:31 AM
    Any one else eats fast. I always have and now I don't feel the full sign till it's to late. This is a habit that's hard to break. Ugg.