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  1. 2 Month Post Op

    by , Today at 10:50 AM
    Hey All,

    I must say it has been a great two months, I lost 9 pounds this month and that's without stepping foot in the gym so I am happy about that. I been so busy at work with my company going public so it's been alot of late nights and early mornings. I feel great and I have been able to fit into alot of smaller clothes so that has been fun. I been eating very healthy except for my bday last weekend i had alot of drinks and a few bad foods but nothing crazy and plus it was my bday ...
  2. I have a surgery date

    by , Today at 10:23 AM
    Now that I have a date does anyone have suggestions for any good videos to watch so i know what to expect with the surgery, hospital and week after? I have read a ton over the past 7 months but haven't watched anything.

    On the subject of work, I own my own business and holidays are busy how much time will i need to be completely off? I only live about 10 minutes away so am hoping i will be able to be in and out most days.

    I know you all are a great resource and I ...
  3. Fury friend

    by , Yesterday at 10:58 PM
    Hi everyone, I guess that day is hear now, this is my 3 month post, and now I am loosing my hair , so between me and my mastiff the floor is full of hair ....., ok can someone tell me does it stops or it just keep going from there, so I have to start looking for wigs.....? I am taking biotin and multivitamin , B12, and zinc, calcium , any other things that I have to do...? Please help, thank you
  4. Feeling Sick

    by , Yesterday at 10:53 PM
    Coming down with a sinus infection ....surgery scheduled for November 6th. I have started antibiotics.....anyone else had to take antibiotics right before their surgery ? Didn't know it it would affect my surgery?
  5. Thyroid Meds

    by , Yesterday at 10:03 PM
    I have seen lots of posts from sleevers that have been able to come off blood pressure and diabetic meds after weight loss....anyone able to come off their thyroid meds? Just wandering. I was told I may never be able to get off of it.