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  1. 12 days since surgery, losing too fast?

    by , Today at 04:56 PM
    I've lost 18lbs in less than 2 weeks. Taking all supplements. Couldnt get down all 3 shakes the first week. Now I can get down about 2 shakes few tablespoons of yogurt with home made peach puree and a few spoon fulls of pureed soup. Im getting in about 700 calories. I know its a bit low but cant get more down.
    I still feel dizzy at times and tire very quickly.
    I did have complications with surgery. Blood loss of 2 liters, went into shock, had transfusion.
    I was really hoping ...
  2. Drawing near

    by , Today at 02:48 PM
    I have less than 48 hours to go til surgery. Didn't sleep well last night thinking about everything that's about to happen and making sure I have everything I need in order. Made it to church this morning and heard a word that seemed as if was written just for me. I'm feeling much better about everything that's going on with surgery and all the craziness going on in my personal life. Don't want to go into surgery with a lot of things weighing heavy on my mind and my heart. I know I'll be in good ...
  3. Naked and afraid......Not...

    by , Today at 12:44 PM
    Hi everyone, I had the surgery July 10 so it is over 2 month now I have lost about 40 lb so far I have struggling with weight for my past 20 years, I was about 70 lb over weight and I know that might not sound a lot but it did coast me a lot of pain and a lot of knee surgery , I am going to be honest with you guys I have never looked at my self naked for almost 15 years, I never changed my cloth in the light always was in the dark, yes I was afraid....., even though my sweet husband never made me ...
  4. 23.63...

    by , Today at 12:07 PM
    23.63 is my current BMI, and my clothing size is now an "8."

    I am just about 9 months out from surgery, and my progress has been amazing and promising My results have continued to surprise me and to motivate me.

    I have experienced stalls, bad days, have made mistakes...and so on. M journey has not been typical or easy, but overall, I have kicked @$$!!!

    I am so proud of myself <3
  5. Football

    by , Today at 11:59 AM
    It is almost time for the game and I am in the kitchen getting snacks prepared for everyone I'm hoping that my boys can bring home another win today! We are 2-0 and that's looking very promising for us! Great weekend this way, my husband and I went out to the movies and dancing friday and dinner and dancing saturday evening to celebrate a friends job promotion. Of course the Queen wore everyone out on the dance floor lol,my husband said "babe no dancing next week, i'm getting to old to keep ...