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  1. Progress in the last 6 months!!!!

    by , Today at 01:43 AM
    As of today I have lost a total of 64 lbs in 6 months. I am planning to do a full mommy makeover mid next year. The full sensation I hope never goes away. I have done my blood test and my b-12 is on the low side along with my iron. I am doing 1 to 2 b-12 shots a week along with my vitamin. Iron supplements I can't really take because it will cause me to get backed up. Overall I am happy with the weight loss so far except for the loose skin I have. I am joining the gym to try and tighten everything ...
  2. WLS and a Pescatarian

    by , Today at 12:47 AM
    So my nutritionist sat down with me to discuss how I would go about getting my protein since I do not eat meat. The thing is I do eat fish, hence being a pescatarian and not a vegetarian but I also don't like to eat to much of it because of the mercury. I do like the Isopure drinks but they are super expensive - as case of 12 is $60 bucks. Does anyone know of another option with no carbs that has a pure source of whey protein? I am extra concerned I won't get enough protein at all and will loose ...
  3. Weight is still coming off...

    by , Today at 12:28 AM
    Today I hit the 55lb mark on my journey to lose weight that has been holding me back for years.

    I am still figuring out what I can and cant eat.... how much... when and how much to drink after a small meal.

    Seven weeks post-op and am trying to figure out a "splurge" as a reward for doing so well.

    What do you think? Light and puffy pastry? Glass of wine? Other ideas?

    Hmmmm..... what is super satisfyingthat would be a great ...
  4. 9 days post op surgeon follow up appt

    by , Yesterday at 11:45 PM
    So I had my post op appt with the surgeon today and he was very happy so that's good! I am flying home tomorrow YAHHhhh!! I miss my son sooooo bad hahaha I think I'll feel better once I am home too. I've checked in at airport hotel and just chilling out now.
    So each day I have felt a little better than they day before. Less tenderness and more energy. I still need a little rest/lie down if I do too much or walk to much in my case ATM.
    I can't get much in still but a little more at ...
  5. What can I do about HAIR LOSS!! Please Help!!!!

    by , Yesterday at 05:53 PM
    I had my surgery last June and I am now starting to lose a large amount of hair. It is getting to the point that it is annoying because it is everywhere!! Every time I wash it or brush it, it goes every where!! I know it is a common side effect of the surgery but does it get better or worse? Any suggestions on how to help slow it down at least?

    I am open to any suggestions!!!