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  1. 6-week check-up with surgeon and nutritionist

    by , Today at 04:50 AM
    Last night, I drove the 2 hours up to the hospital to meet my nutritionist and one of the surgeons from the group practice.

    I had a few questions for both of them. But the whole thing was not a big event, in the grand scheme.

    The nutritionist is less focussed on protein than the Americans seem to be. Not sure what I think about that, since I've always been a big, strong guy and I suspect I will find it psychologically difficult to lose any strength! I do miss vegetables, ...
  2. Day 7.

    by , Yesterday at 09:41 PM
    So today I started full liquids. I was able to get down about 6 oz of Naked Juice Protien and about 8 oz of cream of tomato soup. Water intake was probably around 14 oz. Not great but I'm working on it. I have been back to work for 2 days now and the weight is coming off. My abdomen is still very large. I still cannot fit into my FAT jeans (the pants I could wear pre-surgery) and I have lost 17 lbs. Doesn't make much sense. My incisions appeared to be healing.. or so I thought. Tonight, in the shower, ...
  3. 93 pounds down - Posted Before and After Pics!

    by , Yesterday at 08:22 PM
    Only 7 pounds away from the big 100 off... I need a bit of inspiration, to get me over the hump of work stress and personal life... and onto the 100 off platform.

    Soooo, I thought I would post before and after pictures here on my weight loss blog. WOW... there is a difference!

    Life has dealt us a blow, my dear husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor and will be having surgery in a few weeks (first time both neurosurgeons will be available at the same time). I am ...
  4. summer adventures, tmi life, and i have stalled. what else is new?

    by , Yesterday at 07:53 PM
    crap, this was just supposed to be about being stalled.... fair warning, this is my summer adventures in overworking and life problems as i see it. there. you were warned.
    i dont know if its just because i have more stress this month, and i have been working an 80+ hour work week, or if i am not supposed to live on beef jerky and protein shakes(i get my vitamins and water, relax) but i am stalled.
    waay stalled.
    good news is that i am going to be laid off one job and the other ...
  5. first night home from hospital

    by , Yesterday at 07:53 PM
    well first night home and this morning I'm not feeling that great my back is feeling quite sore from laying in bed for 2 days straight and I am feeling a bit of a headache so trying to take liquid panadol that taste awful but I did use my bowels last night which made me feel a whole lot less bloated in my tummy. But my taste buds have changed I used to like lemon and now due to taking lemon flavoured panadol it's turning my stomach.
    I have zero appetite today but I am determined not ...