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  1. leaving tomorrow

    by , Yesterday at 10:37 PM
    For anyone who wanted to know my original surgery date was for November 1st but now when I land in San Diego tomorrow I go straight to the hospital and have it tomorrow. I'm ready and excited I will keep everyone posted as I can.
  2. Week 3 Post Op Update

    by , Yesterday at 09:03 PM
    So I am 3 weeks out and it actually feels like it has been longer then that but it hasn't, lol. I am in a stall, it sucks BUT I am loosing inches. Super NSV, my size 22 pants fall right off of me, woot woot! So even though I am in a stall I feel comfortable for the time being. Though I might get divested if I don't loose in week 4.

    As always I do a video update where I talk about this and some foods I am trying this week while in my soft food phase. Feel free to check it out if you ...
  3. Looking for a doctor in Mexico.

    by , Yesterday at 07:05 PM
    I'm looking for a great doctor in Mexico to do my sleeve operation. I'm from Canada and the cost is $18,000. Does any one have any thing to say good or bad. If it's go could you give me the name of the doctor and costs, and what it included a thanks so much.
  4. Slow & Steady

    by , Yesterday at 05:17 PM
    I am 2 weeks after surgery and have been doing great. Have not been sick nor in any pain. Been on solid foods for a few days now, drink my liquid protein to supplement and get as much water as I can. The only thing I have noticed is I always wake up a little dehydrated no matter how much I drink the day before and I'm extremely tired for about 30 minutes after every meal I eat. I don't get much food down yet but hear that will come later. The worst thing I have is I still seem to have acid reflux ...
  5. Vitamin D deficiency

    by , Yesterday at 04:38 PM
    Being obese is hell. I just received a letter from my doctor indicating she needs to see me regarding my lab work. Well, my fellow gastric buddies my vitamin D level is extremely low. Lmao but I live in the hot south so this mean I'm not going to try to hang out in the sun. What are other ways I can get my Vitamin D level up naturally? Please help w/any advice.