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  1. 36 days!!

    by , Today at 12:11 AM
    36 days until we leave for Mexico!! I have been to the gym 8 days straight now and am down 15lbs in the last two and a half weeks or so... maybe 3 weeks. I'm not sure but I feel pretty great. I have gradually increased my speed and resistance at the gym and sometimes it is hard to resist not starting to jog on the treadmill. I know if I do I will only last 15 seconds jogging at one time. I have never been a jogger or a runner plus all my extra weight right now.... I am scared.

    I ...
  2. NSV Today

    by , Yesterday at 11:19 PM
    I went to buy a dress today. Pre-op size was 24-26, depending on the dress. Today's size....20!!! I am soooooo excited.
  3. A taste of heaven

    by , Yesterday at 10:41 PM
    My nana made me some homemade pureed cream of lobster soup. It was amazing!! It tasted like pizza with lobster on top. Thank you granny ! I will try to get the recipe from her tomorrow when I see her again!
  4. Learning about my sleeve and me!

    by , Yesterday at 10:41 PM
    My surgery was Monday. I think my swelling has gone down as I can eat almost 3 ounces! Dinner was like a gourmet meal with my ground turkey - still hungry as there was only an ounce left, so I added cottage cheese and avocado. IT WAS DELICIOUS! Still working at getting my water up to 68 ounces but I am learning by cause and negative effect how much to drink at a time!

    I also figured out my pill resentment issue. I put ALL the chew-able vitamins in a pretty little dish and pretend ...
  5. ANYONE HAVE SOME ANSWERS? . . . Pretty Please (:

    by , Yesterday at 09:18 PM
    Alright, I am 16 days post op and have lost 26 pounds, so definitely no complaints there. I am just worried about losing weight too fast. I was thinking of going to the gym the first of the year, when I am 4 weeks out of surgery, but is that too soon? . . . Also, I have been doing all I can to get my calories up, but even 500 calories in a day and I seem full. Any recommendations on how to add calories without adding sugar? . . . I am crazy about taking all my liquid vitamins daily, and I like ...