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  1. 3 weeks today!!!

    by , Today at 11:22 AM
    I made it!! The longest three weeks of my life but I am officially 3 weeks post op!! I remember having vacations with my family at Disneyland and other fun resorts. It felt like that time flew by so fast!! I would have done anything to make it last longer and move slower.

    Why can't this time after the sleeve speed up.?? Haha I know when you are having fun time flies and of course the first weeks after the sleeve are far from fun so time is dragging. I know when I can actually eat ...
  2. 2 Months Post-Op!

    by , Today at 11:17 AM
    How fast did you go back to work after surgery?-2-months.jpg

    I promised myself in the beginning of my journey that I would make sure I documented my progress to keep me motivated, and BOY did my "progress pictures" make my day! I think I'm considered a slow loser.. But I'm A-OK with that! I've gone from 41.5 inch waist to a 37.5 inch waist & I've lost 6 inches off of my hips in 2 months!! Hope everyone has a good day!! !
  3. Almost one year

    by , Today at 09:55 AM
    Well, one year ago this coming Friday I attended my first SWLP meeting, the information session and support group followup. What a journey this has been. I am just over 6 months out from surgery and I've lost over 85 pounds. What a relief and wonderful feeling. I have more to lose, but I'll take what ever comes my way in further weight loss. I have a goal, probably a little lofty considering my age, my doc says we aren't 25 any more LOL, but I need the challenge of the goal. I'll set mini goals ...
  4. Ohhh the hoops we jump thru

    by , Today at 09:29 AM
    Hoops. I use to love hoops growing up. I am talking about the round things you spin on your body like....Anyone been sleeved that are from Canada-burnhoop-hulahoopsforsale.com-.jpg or one of my favorite Native dances Anyone been sleeved that are from Canada-images.jpg
    Those were the fun hoops.

    Now days the only hoops I see are the ones I have to jump thru. Most recently those would be for surgery. I know each of you can understand this. So below are my hoops and my progress. I hope you enjoyed the pictures because they are the best things ...
  5. First appointment with the dietician

    by , Today at 06:41 AM
    I had my appointment with the dietician today it's so great to be moving forward I have an appointment with the surgeon on Thursday next week and then just waiting till the 18th. I am going to be using opti fast shakes I hope they taste ok I will go and get them tomorrow. Funny thing is that the dietician was a tiny little woman who probably weighed less than one of my legs. I have 10 days of shakes but can eat veges and salad as well but no potato. But for the next week I have to replace 1-2 ...