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  1. 2 NSV in one day! Happy, Happy, Happy

    , Today at 06:09 PM
    As I was getting ready for work this morning I decided to wear a dress that usually requires spanx underneath to smooth everything out. So I went to put on the spanx and they were too big!!!! I seriously didn't think that was possible, but it was a great start to my day. (Needless to say the dress fit just fine without them anyway.)

    Then the bigger one that happened this evening.... Back before I had surgery, someone asked everyone for their bucket lists of NSV they were looking forward ...
  2. Pcp update

    by , Today at 04:58 PM
    Ok my gastric buddies!!! I received good news and bad news today from my pcp. The good news 1st: my pcp agreed to monitor me after wls. Now the bad news. She's not to thrilled about me having surgery. She told me to lose at least a lb per week for the next year. My vitamin levels are normal and my diabetes is under control. I'm a little anemic so she prescribed a low dosage of iron. I'll be going back to her 10 days after my surgery. Now I'm saving my funds so I can self pay. Thanks to all my gastric ...
  3. Nsv

    by , Today at 02:40 PM
    I never understood the NSV's until today. I was volunteering at my daughters Elementary School social and despite the fact the I involuntarily was dancing to the music which is something I never would have done before BUT when it came time for the volunteers to get pictures taken I did not run and hide. It was the best feeling ever!! Not caring if some took my picture... Love my sleeve !!
  4. Surgery w/ Dr. Almanza, random notes

    by , Today at 11:42 AM
    Their process is very organized and a well oiled machine. If you have any questions just speak up, they are very willing to address any concerns.

    Just as others have said, the hospital is small and not as advanced as US hospitals. But has all the necessities.

    If a staff member does not speak English, they will get someone who does immediately. You will not be ignored or blown off.

    The day time and hotel nurses are out standing! The hotel doctor is also ...
  5. 6 weeks out

    by , Today at 11:32 AM
    Well all is good now. Had a week 3-4 Stall, And had those thoughts of Whats wrong ??? Well OVER IT. I've lost 38 pounds from surgery and I'm Very happy, I took control of my Life... People are noticing the weight loss and that's a shot of air up my skirt...lol ,Thank u to my daughter sasha , you have been there,for ur mom and I hope to be around a longer time for u . Its a win win. Thanks to the ENTIRE SLEEVE FAMILY, What a great group of loving and caring people who share a love that is unheard ...