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  1. My experience w/Almanza

    Keep in mind that MX is a few decades behind the US when it comes to luxury. If you think about American hospitals during the 70s or 80s, you will have a better idea of the facilities in MX. Almanza's location is in a strip-mall but don't let that scare you. Once you walk in the doors, you totally forget that.

    The first thing you do is put on booties. Then, you have blood drawn. The nurse has been the best person EVER to take blood. I didn't even feel a prick. Next, all patients walk
  2. PPI warning

    A warning for people who take acid-reflux drugs: http://t.co/ymEfzWwy"
  3. How long should I wait to dive?

    Okay, I am wondering how long I should wait before diving again. I am going to Orlando in April for work and would love to do some cavern or gulf dives. Would I be healed enough to dive by then?

    I will be jsut shy of 3 months post-op by then. I didn't have any problems diving that soon after back surgery but I am worried about the pressure diving puts on the body. Any suggestions?
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  4. WooHoo!! Finally got 64oz in!

    For the first time since surgery on Jan 24th, I actually got my 64oz of liquids in today (and then some)!!

    Feels like a HUGE accomplishment to me!
  5. 6 days post-op and back to work

    Maybe I am one of the lucky ones...So far, no complications, other than getting past the surgical gas. No problems taking my cipro or nexium. I was even able to take my Clarnex D this morning.

    Today is my first day back to work. I'm sipping on a clear protein drink AND 1/2 diet cranberry and 1/2 water. (Found out on the plane that my sleeve likes the cranberry/water mixture.) I am thankful that my company has a pellet ice machine. It's is my "new" fav perk! A couple of pieces, ...
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