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  1. Updates!!

    Hey y'all! I'm still here been working hard only $1300 more to go for balance on surgery! Plane tickets already purchased and passport card on the way! I am excited and nervous. My pre-op starts 5/22!!
  2. Interesting!

    So I have HSA at my job and I looked into what that means and what the inclusions are and I found these things that may very well be of benefit. YAY! I am super excited and if I thought I would be healed and ready to travel for my cruise in May, I would totally try to have surgery in March!!!


    You can include in medical expenses amounts you pay for transportation to another city if the trip is primarily for, and essential to, receiving medical services. You may ...
  3. Discouraged!

    So, I was getting discouraged because y'all are doing great and making progress mean while my A1C is 10!!! and I'm gaining weight trying to eat like pre-op then just going overboard cause I'm soooo hungry!!! But I'm tripping cause I have not had surgery yet!! I'm jumping the gun. Everything else in my blood work was great except A1C.

    The Agency called and I was rescheduled for 6/19 cause Dr. Hernandez does not due surgery on Mondays. The only reason I'm waiting until June is because ...
  4. Finances

    So for me finances are a real issue as I have stated I'm going to do this with my income tax. I talked with the agency and I have to lock in a deposit in order to hold my surgery date. Putting down that deposit is going to make this very real. I just have a little voice in my head saying don't give them people your money something going to happen. I'm going through Weightloss Agents and I've done some research and I haven't seen anything bad as far as them mishandling funds or anything. Self-sabotage ...
  5. Site Participation

    I've been looking around and found some interesting groups to join but it looks like all the activity was a few years ago. So I posted in a few of them to see if there's any activity if not I guess I will just create some new ones especially for the Houston area. I even saw something about a surgery buddy that would be awesome to have somebody to go down to Mexico with in June it would save on cost and it would be great support. Speaking of a surgery buddy, any thoughts on taking a travel companion ...
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