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  1. food allowed

    HI! This is my second post on here. I have not had the operation yet and am still in the consideration phase. I have been reading up on the gastric sleeve and came across a website about what one can eat after surgery and forever. It says that you can't eat, steak, raw fruit and veg and popcorn ever again. please tell me if this is true? I am also concerned that people are gaining weight after the sleeve or not losing much, I feel like if I am having such drastic surgery I don't want to be in either ...
  2. Ellie

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    HI! I have just joined the forum as I am in the process of deciding whether or not to have the surgery. I have my second appointment with the doctor this month and I still can't make up my mind. I need to lose allot of weight as I am uncomfortable and very unhappy in my body, but I feel surgery might be one step to far. I know what to do to lose weight but keeping to a diet is very difficult when you are the only one in the household who need to lose weight. I am scared of the first month, as I