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  1. Post op

    Hi, I am half a day post op. My mouth is very dry and I am in pain but other doing well. Waiting to see the surgeon. Thanks to everyone for the support and encouragement. X
  2. one day possibly closer!

    Well this time tomorrow I should be having my sleeve. I will only know tomorrow when i see the anaesthetist if I will be able to go ahead with the operation. My cold has got a little worse, so its a wait and see game until tomorrow. It's a really awful not knowing and also knowing that with all the physical and mental prep it might not go ahead and then I am not sure when the surgeon will be able to fit me in again. I am happy though that I have lost weight on this pre op diet and i feel great. ...
  3. 3 days until surgery, hopefully!

    HI! I am coming to the end of my pre op diet and its has been fine, however this week i have caught a cold/bronchitis. Now I am worried i might not be able to have my surgery on Tuesday. I am so frustrated. I will call the surgeon's rooms on Monday and find out what they want to do. I have waited so long and being so near, I have psyched myself up and now it might not happen.
  4. a week till surgery

    HI! Everyone
    well its now a week until surgery and I am so nervous. The 2 week pre op diet hasn't been too bad as I have been calorie counting as it was an option. The only problem was the 2 nights where I couldn't weight my food. I have lost some weight and hope that I will be fine for surgery and that my liver has shrunk. x
  5. pre op diet and weight loss

    HI! I have now been on my pre surgery diet for 2 days and it is going well. I am not hungry thank goodness. I have already lost 2kg and am starting to wonder if I just followed this restrictive diet I could continue to lose weight without having the surgery. Did anyone else have these feelings during the pre surgery diet?
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