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  1. Something I Never Saw Coming

    First off, I want to thank the folks who messaged me post-surgery. I appreciate your support and consideration more than you know. Iím feeling pretty tired, so Iím going to make this kinda quick.

    I checked in for surgery Thursday morning and was all done by noon. After a few hours in recovery, hubby and I were on our two hour drive back home. Thatís when things went wonky.

    Once I got home, I just wanted to sleep so I headed upstairs. Thing is, I couldnít get comfortable ...
  2. The First Day of the Best of My Life

    I hope it will be, anyway.

    Am I nervous? Yeah. But I think itíll be ok. Itís not as extensive of a surgical procedure as many of you have had, so Iím hoping my recovery will be okay.

    I kept thinking that ďWoo hoo! Tomorrow I can eat the chili I made tonight!Ē Or ďTomorrow I FINALLY get solid food!Ē But as we all know, thatís not true.

    I still worry that Iím going to miss out on SO many things that I love. I just have to remind myself of two things: 1) ...
  3. Day Five: I Feel Like Chicken Tonight!

    Yeah, I made bone-in roasted chicken thighs and spaghetti for dinner tonight. My kitchen smelled HEAVENLY, my family loved every bite and I sat there drinking a shake.

    I didnít even lick spilled sauce off my fingers or swallow the pasta when I tested it for doneness.

    Itís like I donít know myself anymore.

    Only ONE MORE DAY of these boring shakes (which are actually pretty good)!! I was so desperate for something salty that I swigged a can of low sodium ...
  4. Pre-op Day Five: F#%Ä This S?%$&!!!!

    Seriously. I am so ready to eat everything in in sight. All of it. If Taco Bell has a dollar menu, my kids wonít be going to college anytime soon. TACO BELL, yaíll- THATíS how hungry I am.

    I havenít slept well in almost a week. I toss and turn all night long. I donít know whyó Iím active during the day, Iím not napping or anything...why canít I fall asleep and STAY asleep?

    My husband is wary, my dog is avoiding me and my kids are downright terrified. This seven day ...
  5. Pre-Day Four: Halfway? NO WAY!!

    I guess thatís a deceptive titleó Iím not halfway. Iím more like 4/7ths of the way. But keeping within my habit of rounding up with finances and food, Iím gonna stick with it.

    So...Day Four.

    No problems sticking to things today, though I screwed up and forgot my mid-afternoon shake. I made up for it by doubling my evening shake and now I feel like a pregnant whale. Seriously- Iím bloated and I feel gross and the gallons of water Iíve been drinking arenít helping the ...
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