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  1. 10 days pre op

    Gosh! I love it on here. So much to read and take in. I've got so many helpful hints from all. Thank you.
    10 days! It'll soon be single figures, then I hope it goes quickly, I'm hungry with the pre op diet. I hate diets!!!
    Argh! I'll go clean up the house to get my mind off hunger.
    Whinging a bit today, bear with me.
  2. 12 days to go

    Day four of my pre op shakes. I am hungry but I put away the temptation by going outside and doing some gardening.
    The family came over and had fish and chips( our usual Friday night special)
    I handled it well. The smell was yummy but I sat with my salad and ate that.
    I know there's an end to this torture of starvation. I hate dieting!
    That's what put me in this position.
    I have a daily talk to myself in the mirror. Sounds corny but I'm listening.
    I've ...
  3. 14 days to go

    Well, now I feel I'm on the wagon. I received my supply of VLCD shakes
    yesterday. Had all my pre op doctor, dietitian, nurse intern and anaesthetist.

    I've had my first shake this morning. Wasn't bad, I got banana flavour and I can add berries etc. I bought salad veggies and soft fruits.
    I was told to take some fibre drink if I need and drink 2 litres fluid.

    It now feels like I'm getting somewhere. It's been great to read all the blogs about being done, ...
  4. Daily post

    Well, I'm nearly into the 2 week count down mode.
    I've looked in the wardrobe, thinking how great it'll be to get rid of these big clothes and buy new ones. My clothes are so daggy. I'm not wearing saggy baggy black track pants ever again.
    I've just come in from the garden, trying to get it ready for summer, putting mulch down.
    Again, I've come in stuffed and sweaty. Just thinking it'll be so much easier with the extra weight off.
    I won't miss the excess under the boob ...
  5. Excited and nervous

    Quote Originally Posted by sraebaer View Post
    You'll love it! This site is a great place to learn a lot before surgery. I also enjoyed youtube videos, watching people shrink before my eyes. Welcome!
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