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  1. Swimming, Swimming

    Getting closer - now it is just down to these final details of getting stuff turned in. I have had the tests, gotten the clearances, but have to wait on the final approval and then I will get my surgery date. Funny, I had planned to go on a cruise for Christmas, but then I heard that our insurance at work was changing, so I went into high gear to get my surgery before the end of the year, and I am not even upset about missing the cruise. I am much more excited about getting started on this journey ...
  2. A Seahorse's Journey with the Sleeve

    So...I have decided to do this thing. It took about a year to decide, and now that I am over 100 lb above my adjusted body weight, it'is about time!

    I have decided to be a seahorse on my journey, floating through the sometimes scary waters....because it is better than being what I actually am... a fat dietitian. I have actually had patients tell me that I need to lead by example. Boy will I be happy when some of those same patients can see a difference in my weight!