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  1. Dietitian on day 16

    Hurrrrrahhhhh! onward from the fluids, phew!
    So, in the last week i've been making my soups thicker and more pureed which were my instructions, and today i've see n the dietition and I'm onto pureed/softfood. I thought it would be all puree but thankfully I was wrong!
    So I can have fish and dont have to mash it, cottage cheese, tuna, patties, beans, eggs,yogurt, cheeses, vegetables ( no salad for another month) avocados (it would be unaustralian if I couldn't have them), porridge, ...
  2. All things bowels!!!

    Well, this is often a question that comes up and post any surgery bowels can be a pain in the bum!!! Being a nurse I don't get too upset with bowel conversation and i have been known to bang on and on about bowel care and even suggest that I would like to care for the bowel habits of world leaders, as I think it really does have an effect on how people conduct themselves!!! It can cause moodiness, confusion (especially in the elderly) and all kinds of things, so we must look after them!!! Yes! ...
  3. Day 13 and I'm back at Uni!

    So day 13 and I'm back at Uni for summer school. I actually feel just about back to normal now. I think 2 weeks off work or school is reasonable as I was pretty tired first of all. I am now feeling a million dollars, well today anyway. I am here till 8 pm so it's a bit of a long day and I might be whinging come 8pm LOL.
    I went out for the first time last night, to an awards ceremony which was heaps of fun. It wasn't a problem at all not eating or drinking alcohol. I'm a big ...
  4. Day 9 post op surgical review

    Went for my review today and all was good. my wounds are just about healed and he reckons everything is great.

    They used an anti epileptic drug called lyrica in the pre op room before i went in. It sent me doolally and I've never heard of it being used before, but apparently it's not unusual for that surgery here. By the time I got into theatre I was off my face and happily telling the anaethetist how to mix his cocktail LOL!!! I must say it does make you very disinhibited and really ...
  5. Food mistakes - keeping it real :-)

    I went to the shop today. I make everything homemade and dont use anything with a barcode on it much if ever. But today in some sort of ditziness, I bought 2 cans of organic soup and 2 sachets of chobani yogurt. I don't know why I didn't check the labels but I came home and liquidised the soups in the vitamix and put them in my little single servings. They are gross! Why did I not just make the bone broth chicken and lentil which gives me heps of protein and suits me?!
    Then I tried some of ...
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