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  1. Itís a start.

    Yeah! 13 days post-op 27 pounds down. I am just getting started. Nutrition was very please. I was supposed to be on my purťed food this week.oops.
    Now I donít even know where to start with my food choices. Iíll start
  2. Food choice

    I am on day 9 now. I already had my meds and vitamins and working on
    A protein shake. I am thinking what do I want, no Sugar applesauce or non fat
    Yogurt. Food choices of today. I am going to have soup later. I just have a
    hard times eating every three hours.
    Have a good day people.
  3. Week 2 phrase.

    Hi. I just started my second week phrase of food. I just started the pudding and applesauce and cream soup stage. How did anyone else do on this? I am still on liquids. It took me a hour and a half to eat my pudding. Slowly we go.