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  1. Self-care (Getting Real)

    In light of a post I responded to earlier this afternoon, I chose to do some self-evaluating and self-care implementation of my own.

    Over the course of the past two months, I realize that I have had one hell of a time adjusting to my VSG procedure. For one reason or another, I have encountered struggle after struggle, only to find that I may very well be the reason for the difficulties I have faced.

    I say this, not because I am searching for sympathy, rather so others ...
  2. In A Stall (Or Something Like It)

    I think I have finally hit my first stall. It's not that I was looking forward to this moment, however, knowing that things have been progressing along quite well, it was more a matter of looking out for it to happen.

    It has been about a week - give or take a day or two - since I last lost any weight. Granted, I go up or down an ounce or two, but by and large, I have not shifted from my previously recorded weight. While I am not bothered by this, I do wonder how long it will last. ...
  3. Protein Protocall

    It would seem there is a general consensus among VSG'ers that the daily consumption of protein supplements can be, to say the least, trying.

    When I first left the hospital, I had no problem with drinking my daily protein shakes, however, as time moved on, I found that I grew increasingly less fond of the chalky aftertaste and the watered down consistency. It became such a problem that I would try to rely on edible proteins alone (something I do not recommend when you are newly post-op. ...
  4. Trying Times, Indeed

    These are trying times, indeed, My wife and I recently learned that due to a closure at her place of business, we will be relocating out of state the day after Christmas. This leaves both of us in a peculiar predicament in that we will find ourselves without our bariatric surgeon - a thought that finds us somewhat frustrated.

    We have come so far in such a short period of time. To no longer have that level of support is on some levels concerning, however, provides for each of us the ...
  5. Weighing In

    So...I've been mulling this over for quite some time, and I have been wondering which weight you should go by when considering your accumulative weight loss to date. As stated on my ticker, I have listed my beginning weight of 322 lbs., however, I have been told that the only number I should truly consider is the total amount weighed on the day of surgery.

    For me, the accumulative weight lost - to include what I weighed prior to my pre-op diet - is all encompassing. I don't feel I ...
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