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  1. Four Months Post-op

    Five days ago marked my four month post-op anniversary, and while I am still plugging away, I have found that I am not dropping much by way of numbers. In terms of inches, I have made amazing strides.

    Down roughly 85 pounds, I have learned not to lean too heavily on the number aspect of weight loss because it is not always about the numbers. For me, it is about the over all size I am pursuing.

    Unfortunately, with the great strides I am experiencing with weight loss, ...
  2. Dealing with the Frustrations of Food Textures

    I have a rather odd question to ask you folks. it has been four months since I underwent VSG, and since that time, I have had a HUGE issue with the texture of certain foods (In particular meats).

    It would seem that I am unable to eat most meats because the texture once it hits my mouth absolutely, and without question, grosses me out. It is so bad, that I need to expel the food immediately or I will suffer dire consequences.

    I've tried not chewing it so much (an idea ...
  3. A Realistic Goal Weight

    I recently had a conversation with someone regarding my estimated goal weight, and at that time, it was mentioned that my ideal weight might not very realistic (I am looking at 185 lbs, but was told that realistically, I should set my sights on 210-220 lbs.)

    At the time of that conversation, I was not very pleased with what had been suggested because - at least to my way of thinking - there should not be any form of outside expectation placed on what goal weight someone should/could ...
  4. Getting On With Life

    A week ago I posted about the move my wife and I recently underwent, and I now realize that within that post, there might have been some negative undertones associated with my words. Rest assured, We are not in anyway looking at this move as anything short of positive. We love where we're located, the people (that we have encountered) are wonderful and welcoming, and the weather - although a drastic change from the warmth of the Southwest - is absolutely spectacular.

    I am currently ...
  5. As the Dust Settles...

    As the dust settles on the journey of our lives, I find myself a bit out of sorts.

    We no longer reside in the Phoenix, Arizona, and as such I feel a little lost regarding my VSG by way of support and community. Don't get me wrong, I do have my wife, but she too feels a little frustrated and lost at the moment. With that said, I find myself struggling to maintain a sense of normalcy, all the while maintaining the principles that apply to one who has undergone VSG surgery.
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