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  1. Down 50 - Halfway There - And Kidney Stones!

    Happy to report that I am down 50 pounds - just 10 days prior to 2 months post-op. Not as happy to report that I got to experience my first kidney stone and if the pain I felt is anything like child birth, I will now declare that I am never going to have children!

    I am told that that issue is potentially tied to not drinking enough water - which seems to be the endless scourge. So hard to drink water when you are used to guzzling an entire glass or bottle after the gym and knowing ...
  2. 3 Weeks Post Op Today - Can't Eat My Feelings

    Just wanted to do a little check-in now that I am 3 weeks post-surgery. It feels like forever and yesterday, I must say. Things are generally going well. I am in pureed foods and most I tolerate well but eggs (my family owned an egg farm when I was a kid) have been enemy number one. My stomach is still a bit sore and my energy lags a bit, but dropping 34 pounds and NEVER FEELING hunger with minimal side effects has been a blessing.

    I think one of the most difficult things for ...
  3. Day 2 Post-Op Sleeve

    Well, today was day 2 of post-op (came home yesterday). And today was much better than yesterday. I was also treated for a hiatal hernia which actually physically hurts way more than the sleeve surgery. Very minimal side-effects and little pain (besides where the hernia was corrected) Today was all about eating - slowly, slowly, but the world didn't end and I am so grateful that I didn't have a lot of other issues I have seen written about here. Phew. So blessed. I know I will have to go ...