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  1. appetite

    I do not really feel hungry and at the same time, when I eat (and I am doing exactly what I was directed to do), I don;t feel full. The only time I get a feeling of fullness is when I drink my protein shake. Is this normal?
  2. Nsv

  3. 2 weeks post op

    Tomorrow I will be 2 weeks post.

    I lost 6 lbs on the post op diet and 8 lbs the 1st week. Today I only lost 1 lbs.
    I have read that others have had this happen as well and some have even gained weight. Since I had been reading the forum, I was not overly surprised but just disappointed. I know I need to stay the course. I do not think I would feel as positive about this, if I had not read so many others accounts, so thank you all for writing and letting me know what I might ...
  4. 1st week post op

    Today was day 1 of clear liquids. Need to mix protein with water. Can hardly tolerate it. Is there another option?
  5. Day 2 of pre op diet

    Hello all -
    I am not sure I can continue to eat all of the recommended food for all 7 days. Its seems like a lot of liquid. What would happen if I did not eat soup, or jello? Can I just go without? Trying to make my protein shakes interesting. UGH. Tips anyone? surgery 10-19
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