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  1. 7 days post-op

    I am seven days post-op, and I thought I would share my experience so far. The first thing that is different from most of what I've read on here is that my surgeon did not require or encourage a pre-op diet. When I asked he said there was no need to torture myself before I was given the tool to help me lose weight. He said he'd never had a patient whose liver was too large to have surgery. Surgery day went well. I wasn't nervous or afraid, although it still didn't feel real. In recovery, I think ...
  2. Starting to worry

    My surgery is coming up this Thursday, August 10th, and I'm suddenly getting scared and having doubts that I can do this. I've worked towards this for almost a year now, and suddenly, I'm afraid I can't do it. I don't know where these thoughts are coming from.