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  1. Jeanne Loves the Sun's Avatar
    You can do it! I was just sleeved Nov 28 and though my caloric intake was low, I wasn't having the results other sleeves were posting. I met with a trainer. She didn't like how few calories I was eating. She had me add a couple of healthy snacks/day and get my calories to 1000, strength first, then cardio for like 20 min. I still like 40-45 min of elliptical, and I lift some weights or swim for strength. The weight has been falling off ever since. You just might be eating too few of calories. Oh, she also recommended eating breakfast within first hour of getting up as this gets metabolism going. I try to drink one protein shake daily. I easily get my protein. Every meal, it's protein first. Healthy snacks, serving of almonds, string cheese and a few berries, or A light higher protein yogurt, or some apple slices with some peanut butter.
    Love muscle milk powder mixed with water or milk plus a tablespoon of PB2 powder. Soooo delicious.
    Good luck!
  2. lorylynch's Avatar
    I think your doing great ... but maybe adding some veggies would not hurt, and since I can not eat very many I just puree in a smoothie! veggies and protein for weight loss!
    Well done!
  3. mrtumnus's Avatar
    Ray, I know this is easy to say ...but be patient with your body..it has to get into a rhythm and get into your mode. Sometimes weight slows down for periods of time then BOOM! pounds are melting off. Hang in there
  4. Shirl's Avatar
    I can't trust my scale at home either. About every two to three weeks I get a supply of MuscleEgg Egg Protein at a NutriShop store and they have the whole body composition scales you can use for free! They keep your progress. They will even take your photo for progress.

    Check to see if there is a NutriShop near you here.
  5. RayEMTFF's Avatar
    I can say I have gone from a Size 54 to a 42 so that is BIG. I eat small Have a protein Bar in the AM then one in the afternoon. I mostly eat Small Watch Watcher Meals. I have plenty of water 64 oz or more a day. And Good News of course after I posted this went and got a better scale and I have lost 6 lbs since the Reset.

    Have to call it a Reset because well I was failing. I would love to post a pic of me but to shy for that pic and dont want to gross everyone. My thing that I look at is I still have a big belly and I think that okays with my Mind.
  6. BAMR's Avatar
    I feel your frustration as I have seen only 5 lbs lost in 2 months. I need to step up exercise myself. Sounds like you are doing alot. Hang in there. You've come too far to give up.
  7. Shirl's Avatar
    Ray, I hear your frustration and can only offer that during my 12-week get fit program I learned to exercise smarter not harder. From what you described you are spending too much time on aerobic mode, I don't know the science or the specifics, but the best tyoe of exercise to lose weight specially burn fat is anaerobic exercise, meaning interval of high intensity and rest, if you are on treadmill jog at the fastest you can safely do it for three minutes, then walk at a slow pace for 1-2 minutes. If you go to the gym ask the folks there to help you program your treadmill if it doesn't have an interval setting.

    I just started doing interval again this week so hopefully in a few weeks I can see the scale move again. Problem is that I have been eating back the calories I burn. Ugh!!!

    Another thing they told us is to do floor exercises, push up, or situps for about 10 minutes, actually they said 30 minutes, first thing upon waking up, that kickstarts your fuel burning which accesses your stored carbs first, as you go about your day your carbs are depleted and your body starts burning fat stores.

    I lost over 12lbs of pure fat according to my DeXA scan during that period. A large percentage was visceral fat, and I contribute that to being 179lbs and wearing size 10 in most clothes.

    I really wish I could do the program again, but sched conflicts and being cash limited is putting a damper on things currently. So I'm taking what I learned to the gym and see how I do on my own.

    Best wishes!
  8. Kindle's Avatar
    How are your clothes fitting? You could be trading fat for muscle with no net loss on the scale. And ditto to what Chistie said, what are your macros looking like? The big red flag I see is you need to drink more. Your body requires water in order to metabolize fat. A LOT of water. Studies show drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces is ideal for weight loss. Even more if you are excercising. So with that in mind, unless you are 128 pounds and sitting on the couch all day, 64oz is not nearly enough. I'm 136 pounds, in maintenance and still make sure I get at least 100oz/day. Good luck Ray....I'm rooting for you!
  9. Christie13's Avatar
    Ok, now I am going to have to ask if you are tracking everything that you are eating. And I am just wondering if you are maybe eating too little for the amount of exercise that you are doing. I would write down EVERYTHING food and exercise wise and have a talk with your surgeon. So how much protein are you getting in daily? What about carbs? Vitamins and supplements? It is hard to pin point without all the details.
  10. Ann2's Avatar
    Ray, I'm really sorry.

    Who and where is your surgeon?
  11. Ann2's Avatar
    Proud of you. The longer you do it, the easier it will get.

    One day at a time. That's the secret.
  12. Notoriousbig's Avatar
    We got sleeved within a week of each other bro. Keep your hands up and chin down...you're fine. The exercise piece combined with healthy eating is your lifestyle change. Like you've already noticed...more energy, clothing fits good, feelings of strong and fitness....it's nothing but good. I have a fitbit that challenges me daily. Today was my rest day, but I felt the urge....so I walked on the treadmill for an hour watching the NFL. 8,000 steps, 2,000 calories...proud of you bro...challenge yourself and find your motivation. Mine is living fit after retirement and looking good=) Blessings.....Al
  13. Christie13's Avatar
    For me the scale keeps me honest. I weigh daily even though most people do not like to that.
  14. Christie13's Avatar
    Keep up the great work! It is not easy but I commend you for your rededication!
  15. Leslieann's Avatar
    Wow!! Sounds like you're doing great!!! Are you logging what you're eating too?

    Keep us posted!
  16. RayEMTFF's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Leslieann
    Hey good for you at least you got the wake up call, right?

    Wake up call it was for me
  17. RayEMTFF's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Christie13
    You got this!! I am sure that you are going to be successful because I can see how bad you want this! Make sure you are filling up on protein and veggies first. Then you can have some fruit or carbs. I would stay away from breads/rice/pasta at least until you get close to goal. My surgeon and nutritionist recommend low carb lifestyle.
    Well We re still at it in 2 weeks only took a few days off from the Gym I would go like 3 days in a row then a day off then 2 days in a row then a day off. In 2 weeks I went from walking nearly 3 miles to now I run for 30 straight minutes I just get under 1.5 miles with that run then the rest I walk. I have set goals for time and this week I hit 3 miles under 55 minutes. Hey not bad for a big guy. Only bread I do have is one slice of whole wheat bread rice pasta I stay away from.

    Still a long way to go I would love to get on a scale and see if I lost anything in 2 weeks. I dont see it but more energy for sure.
  18. Leslieann's Avatar
    Hey good for you at least you got the wake up call, right?
  19. Christie13's Avatar
    You got this!! I am sure that you are going to be successful because I can see how bad you want this! Make sure you are filling up on protein and veggies first. Then you can have some fruit or carbs. I would stay away from breads/rice/pasta at least until you get close to goal. My surgeon and nutritionist recommend low carb lifestyle.
  20. Jenn1's Avatar
    Hello, @RayEMTFF

    Forgive yourself, Everyday is a new dream..a new reality. Don't think about the past or the future. Focus on what you are going to do this day.

    The mental work with weight loss in not easy. But is one of the best things to get out of surgery. The surgery is a tool it will provide restriction. It's key to change to healthy behaviors to be successfull for the long run.

    Don't let the goal be a star...The goal is healthy and getting your life back!

    Question, do you use an app to track your food?
  21. Yellow Rose's Avatar
    Everyday the slate is wiped clean and you get another shot at it. You'll get there. Don't be too hard on yourself or the old you will win!
  22. ghost_ryder's Avatar
    My church hosts an Overeaters Anonymous group twice a week. I mentioned this at my support group meeting last month and more than one person found the idea intriguing. I know the two issues are not the same but it is an option to help relate your struggles openly and non judgmental. If you have a local support group-join in with them- you will see you are not the only one struggling and that is not a failure but an awareness. Talk to a therapist about any issues you have that may be impeding your journey. Be open and honest and you will find support to get you to your goals.
  23. Vanessa7's Avatar
    It broke my heart to read your first message.You need to remember you are never a disappointment or failure, you are human and shit happens. You fall but then you get up and keep going...we are proud of you and believe in you! Keep your head up!

    Sidenote: I can't vouch on this because I don't have a pouch yet but my friend sent this to me. It's the 5 day reset pouch test:
  24. Jenniferc002's Avatar
    Ray, I have to say it is such an inspiration to hear how you hit this very low place and turned it around. It is truely amazing and I hope that I remember how you handled this if I am ever in such a situation. I'm only 3 weeks post op so it's still new. Best of luck and keep us posted!
  25. Ann2's Avatar
    Ray, I'm with Kindle. I've been seeing a therapist (psychologist) since a few months before surgery nearly 2.5 years ago. It's made all the difference for me. What it's really done for me is to provide FOCUS.

    If you're in the mood to find out what worked for others, I wrote a post here after my first year post-op (at which point I'd lost nearly 93 pounds). I don't know that what I did will work for you, but it really worked for me. The post is pretty detailed, so if you go there settle in and get ready to listen to me yammer.

  26. Kindle's Avatar
    For me, LOTS of protein (80-100g) and LOTS of fluids (100+ oz) have always been key to losing and maintaining. That and the psychological tools I get from therapy. Without them, my surgical tool would probably be rendered useless. Good Luck Ray.
  27. RayEMTFF's Avatar
    Thank you all I wish I knew about this site so much sooner. I could have used the help a LONG time again. We started over today went to the gym had a good 2 hr work out did my protein and other things. Did the old cleaning of the food out that wasnt much since I havent eaten bad but still got rid of some stuff I dont need.
  28. RayEMTFF's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kindle
    So have you identified the cause of not losing any weight? Are you measuring and tracking all of your calories/protein/fluids/carbs? Anything stick out as the culprit? If so, that's where you should make changes.

    if you have been eating significantly off plan and can't seem to make the necessary lifestyle changes, have you considered seeing a therapist? Surgery made our stomachs smaller, but unfortunately most of us became obese because of psychological issues, not the size of our stomachs. With the right help, you can do this!
    The thing that sticks out was the lack of PROTEIN....And Psychological is a big thing man I have days on why did I do the surgery , I see so many ppl posting on how much wtg they lost and that messed me up also.
  29. RayEMTFF's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sandra3
    Today is a new day!
    Start with using your scale once a week. No need to wait for three months to see there's a problem.
    Clean your diet, protein and veggies are the main focus. Take you vitamins, drink plenty of water.
    Like Theresa said, no need to see yourself as a failure, your sleeve is still doing it's job, you just have to do yours. You only lost a battle, not the war! Don't waste your time with negativity, be positive about your new plan, get organized, clean up your fridge and pantry, get only good food for you and start again! it's the first step for success!

    Well today we started a new back to the protein shacks I stopped that months ago and I know that was my downfall. Funny thing is I dont think I was eating bad but I guess I was
  30. RayEMTFF's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Theresa2
    Do not give in to that little voice that says I am a failure or a disappointment. We all face setbacks. Give yourself a new goal and start again. Easy to say but hard to do.
    Yeah it was a major setback foe me. Just cant seem to do anything right.. But today we started over just hope to keep it up!!!
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