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  1. 2 weeks in to my restart

    Well We re still at it in 2 weeks only took a few days off from the Gym I would go like 3 days in a row then a day off then 2 days in a row then a day off. In 2 weeks I went from walking nearly 3 miles to now I run for 30 straight minutes I just get under 1.5 miles with that run then the rest I walk. I have set goals for time and this week I hit 3 miles under 55 minutes. Hey not bad for a big guy. Only bread I do have is one slice of whole wheat bread rice pasta I stay away from.

  2. Well its has been a Week since my visit

    To the Dr and the wake up call happen. Been to the gym every single day since that day. Not going to fail the energy level is high now. Back to drinking my 64 oz of water a day. Back to the protein which was my issues having 80 grams a day. I am busting my ass and I wish I did this from the start instead I took it and said well I had the surgery I dont need to do anything, Well now I am working on something that set me back months...
  3. I have failed

    SO I went to the Dr today for my 6 month check up and my goal was to get my silver star saying I was half way there. So I knew Just knew before I got on the scale it wasnt going to be good. And my fears were right. In 3 months not one pound I lost. and only person to blame is me.

    My heart was crushed and I just broke down in the Dr office, I have failed and now I dont know what to do. I am at rock bottom or close to it. I so wanted that star and thats all I could think of. And i blew ...