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  1. Four-Month Surgiversary!

    Four-Month Surgiversary!
    When I started the process in December 2016 to "go for it", and take control of my out of control weight, I couldn't possibly have imagined that I'd be wearing a size MEDIUM by summertime and feeling 20 years younger! But by God I am wearing a medium AND feel 20 years younger.

    My BMI index was over 40 in January (41 in December) and itís now 26.5. I have gone from 2 and 3x in tops to a Large (which are now too large) and my pant size went ...
  2. Made It Through The 4th Of July-- Part 2 pics

    I TRIED for the life of me to attach the pictures to my original blog, but it wouldn't let me do it.
    Thank You ladies! I was probably the only person NOT hungry at the party. I made so many different dips and salsa's and had made 17 pounds of bar b q'd beef, pasta salad, potato salad, cucumber salad, ambrosia, lots of desserts, baked beans and I even bar b q'd hot dogs for the finicky kids who wouldn't eat the other foods, and then one friend brought a big crock pot of chile verde, homemade ...
  3. Made It Through The 4th Of July

    Our house is the 'holiday party house' and this year, as always, was our 4th of July bash. I haven't eaten at any function since my surgery in March (I always nibbled on my morsels of so called food in front of people since then) but yesterday, I got to fit in! Mind you... my 'fitting in' entailed me eating 1 teaspoon of this or 1 teaspoon of that, all totaling up to about 1 cup, so it was a strange looking plate of food. I made so much food even though I knew I wouldn't be able to indulge in most ...
  4. A Milestone and A Promise

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    Last summer, my 9 year old grandson asked me often if he and I could go to the YMCA and swim at their pool(s) with the water slides and other water features. (I guess my pool at home was getting boring for the little guy.) I told him I would LOVE to go, but there was no way grandma would put on a swimsuit and wear it in public! I told him that "WHEN" I shed a massive amount of weight, I would gladly take him there.

    This past winter ...
  5. Almost 3 months since surgery!

    Tomorrow will be 3 months since surgery and it has been a pretty good ride. Still some difficulty with eating (can't consume more than 1/2 cup at best, and not every meal), and water doesn't taste as good or do down as smooth as before surgery. Why? I have no idea.

    My surgery went very well. Just some minor discomfort but nothing painful. No pain meds needed at all in the hospital or at home. No gas pains at all. No shoulder pain at all. My incisions were small (dark, but small) and ...
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