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  1. 10 months Post Op

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    It's almost 10 months since surgery and I am still doing very well, sticking to my new normal.
    Don't get me wrong, there are times I WANT something I normally do not eat anymore and I will give in and eat a few Town House Flatbread Crackers because I refuse to feel like I am on a diet. I know how many I can eat without going berserk and once I have a few crackers, that's it. (Unlike the OLD days where I could polish off a box in one sitting.) ...
  2. 8 months out

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! On Friday, day after thanksgiving day, will be my 8th month anniversary since surgery.

    I have lost 102 and am holding steady. I am very happy with this amount lost, so if this is it... this is it and I am MORE than OK with it.

    I know 'they' (surgeons/nutritionists) said that MOST of the hunger hormone -ghrelin- gets removed, but mine must have used google maps to find it's way back home to me. My appetite has increased drastically ...
  3. Another HUGE Accomplishment!

  4. Nearly 6 Months Out From Surgery

    It has been a whirlwind of a ride since March's surgery. But I began my new way of life, 3 months before when my pre-op diet began.

    This 'montage' sums it all up. (You might have to highlight and right click and paste.)

  5. 5.5 months out

    It's been five and a half months from surgery and am ONE pound away from my original goal weight of losing 95 pounds.

    In that time, I have lost 44.5 inches from all over this body (10.5"-14" inches from each area: chest, waist and hips).

    What I have found that works for me is some form of exercise. I am not a gym rat by any stretch of the word, but I do like to dance around to loud music so Zumba classes are my vice. I'd much prefer them to machines. I still ...
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