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  1. 5 more days.... possible TMI

    5 days out from surgery, 4 days from leaving for Mexico; alone.

    I've been seeing people post about the Couch to 5k program (C25k) a bit lately and it's gotten me thinking about how NOT possible that is right now. I wish my back and knee would let me do the C25k program!!! I think once I've lost a good amount of weight those types of activities will become possible again. Sure, I may still need to wrap my knee, use a ton of IcyHot and pump myself full of Tylenol... but it'll be POSSIBLE!
  2. 11 days of pre-op done...

    6 days till my surgery... WOW! I admit I'm a bit nervous about the trip, and about this HUGE change to the rest of my life. But, I think I'm ready and open to it all. Trying to keep a good attitude and hold on to all my motivations for losing.

    BTW... I've shed 17 pounds in the last 11 days of pre-op diet. GO ME!!!
  3. Between my 'About Me' section and now...

    This was written as a reply to someone in the January 2017 Sleevers post (BelleKreyol) and ended up being a pretty long reply post that I decided should be edited a bit and posted as a blog post. I think it'll be useful for me to be able to go back and read this later, and also may be interesting to other people down the road... who knows.

    Belle had said she'd be interested in hearing about others' journeys and I kinda rolled with it:

    As far as my journey goes ...
  4. 5 days into Liquid Pre-op diet

    I've dropped 11 pounds in the last 5 days!!!

    I have 10 more days of the liquid diet to go before my surgery date. I am required to do a 10 day pre-op high protein liquid diet; I think it's so long because I have a high BMI (51 ish). I decided to start early and will be doing the pre-op diet for a total of 15 days. I've been aiming to keep my carb intake VERY low (20 grams) to help my liver shed the glycogen more easily by going into Ketosis. Today would have been the start of my liquid
  5. Watching what you eat over the holidays

    Good info in this blog by Dr. Alvarez! Thought a repost was well timed, so here ya go!


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