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  1. You Spin Me Right Round Baby Right Round!

    My goodness. I can finally stop and breathe. It has been a long few weeks of going non stop. It was competition season for our Spirit Teams. (Pep Squad and Dance Team.) They had 2 weekends in a row but there were endless practices and what not. The girls did really well. Pep Squad was overall Grand Champion for their division and Dance Team took 2nd. But finally it is over for this year and I am so glad as I am wore out. LOL. I always get roped in to chaperoning and taking on any additional ...
  2. Oh Yeah-Look What You Just Made Me Do-So Excited-Love My Sleeved Life

    I am sooo very excited. So much good going on in my life. I have one more week left in my old department then I start training for my new job. I will be working as a First Party Injury Adjuster. I am really excited about my new role. I did find out who my new manager will be. I actually know her (sort of) because she was a friend of mines manager 2 years ago when I worked in a different department. Also, I already know 3 people who will be on my new team so that is exciting as well. So I ...
  3. TADAH!!! Goodbye 80 pounds!

    Today was the day I officially hit my 80 lb milestone!! Eighty. Freaking. Pounds!!!! I mean, that is the size of a child. My youngest daughter weighs about that. I just lost her....off my body!! I feel so freaking awesome right now. Like the cool kid. LOL.

    I will say that I have started to research thigh lift surgery out of curiosity and did not like what I saw. The results did not seem worth the pain, scars, or cost. (Other skin removal such as tummy tuck and arm lift ...
  4. Pride goeth before the fall...literally!!-Crash and burn-Spaghetti squash-squished

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    So I completed week 5 of C25K. I was really worried about tonight because it was 20 minutes of straight running. My husband bailed on me because his ankle was hurting. I think he thought I would just not go. Nope. I am doing this. It is my thing. So I got out there and wondered how far I would be able to make it without stopping. I was just putting right along....feeling really proud of myself as I was 18 minutes into my run and feeling FIERCE. ...
  5. It ain't a thigh gap but damn those thighs are looking good! :)

    So week 5 day 2 of C25K is done. Had no issues doing the 2 8 minute runs. I mean, it was difficult but I was able to finish. I have noticed a pinch feeling in my left hip. I am going to have to ensure I am stretching after my runs. I felt it the first time maybe 3 or 4 runs ago. Hoping it is nothing. Seems like such an odd place to feel it. Not sure why since I am so much lighter now than I have been in forever. But everything else feels great. No soreness at all. I am so excited about ...
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