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  1. 16 weeks-People are Talking-Getting my groove back

    Conversation with a friend from work who had been out and I hadn't seen in about 2 months...
    Her- "People were talking about you..."
    Me-"Who's talking shit about me?"
    Her-"No they were saying how you were so tiny and shrinking."
    Me-"Oh! LOL. I thought I was going to have to fight someone."

    So that really happened. I was happy for the compliments, though I have apparently been the talk of my training group (the ...
  2. Wine Tour-Munch Munch-Fun with friends-

    So Saturday we went on the wine tour. It was a lot of fun. We went with 3 other couples. To be honest, I was a bit nervous about drinking some. I had wine. Didn't drink as much as everyone else was drinking but still had a great time. We did bring snacks along as well that we had at one of the stops and also on the bus. Mostly it was meat, cheeses, crackers, hummus, nuts, and chips. I have some crackers and a few chips which I am totally not used to but wanted to ensure I was ok with the ...
  3. 15 weeks-Caramels-Keep on keeping on-Goals

    So today I am 15 weeks out! Where has the time gone? I continue to be amazed by my continued weight loss and how great I feel. I still can get that too full feeling when I eat too fast but overall, it has been a great ride. I have lost another pound. I'm 146. Yay! Slowly creeping down to the 130's....I know I will get there. I was hoping to get to the 130's by the 10th when I have a follow up with my surgeon. Fingers crossed! That brings my total weight loss to 61 lbs, 41 of which are ...
  4. Happy Valentines Day-Love yourself, love your sleeve-Celebrating your sexy-Stop in the name of love

    Happy Valentines Day fellow sleevers! In lieu of candy...get out there and have some fun using your new bodies! Enjoy your new sexy! I can tell you I am not missing stuffing my face with a highly caloric dinner and finishing off a ton of chocolates in the name of love. My hubby still wanted to take me to dinner but I told him it made no sense since I can't eat a lot and it would be a waste. So instead we are enjoying some time cuddling and enjoying each others company. I hope you are all ...
  5. My hips don't lie-14 weeks-New shoes-Another pound down-For the love of running

    So I had to walk on my workout today. I have noticed over the last week or so that my hips have been hurting a little when I run. Originally it was just my left hip but now it is both. I was able to still run but would be sore that night and the next day. After my day off from running I would be able to run again and do the same cycle all over again. Today I only ran for about 5 minutes and knew that if I continued I would most probably injure myself. So I just speed walked the rest of my ...
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