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  1. My hips don't lie-14 weeks-New shoes-Another pound down-For the love of running

    So I had to walk on my workout today. I have noticed over the last week or so that my hips have been hurting a little when I run. Originally it was just my left hip but now it is both. I was able to still run but would be sore that night and the next day. After my day off from running I would be able to run again and do the same cycle all over again. Today I only ran for about 5 minutes and knew that if I continued I would most probably injure myself. So I just speed walked the rest of my ...
  2. Officially just overweight!

    So I lost another pound and am now officially just overweight. Woohoo!! My BMI is 29.9! So freaking happy!
    Did my run tonight and it was great. It was pretty dark but I was careful. I had a great run. Warm up, 10 min run, 5 min walk, 10 min run, cool down. That's it. Felt pretty good. Came home and decided I deserved a reward for all my hard work with my running. Got on my Amazon Prime account and ordered some new toys. Ordered some Brooks running shoes, a runners belt for my iPhone, ...
  3. Who's the boss?-140's-run baby run-C25K-NSV

    Tick tock another one dropped! I am out of the 150's!! I am 149...still obese though. When I lose 1 more pound I will officially just be overweight! Oh that sounds delightful! LOL. Seriously, though, I can't wait to just be overweight and no longer obese.
    Sunday is usually a blog day for me but yesterday was so stinking busy. Got up and went for my run. It felt great. Hubby is still out of commission from his ankle but I am having no issues going alone. It was week 6 day 1 ...
  4. Pride goeth before the fall...literally!!-Crash and burn-Spaghetti squash-squished

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    So I completed week 5 of C25K. I was really worried about tonight because it was 20 minutes of straight running. My husband bailed on me because his ankle was hurting. I think he thought I would just not go. Nope. I am doing this. It is my thing. So I got out there and wondered how far I would be able to make it without stopping. I was just putting right along....feeling really proud of myself as I was 18 minutes into my run and feeling FIERCE. ...
  5. Running and shooting and shopping, oh my!

    So today I completed week 4 day one of the C25K. As I expected, it was hard but not as bad as I had anticipated. It felt the hardest the last 1 1/2 minutes of the final 5 minute run. It did not help that it was super windy today. Like crazy wind. So there were times that we were fighting against the wind while running. I may have to do this week twice to feel completely comfortable with the running portions and I am ok with that. I want to be sure that I feel like I am enjoying the running ...
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