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  1. 24 weeks-10 LBS from Goal!!-Hair is growing

    Another week down in the books. I pound closer to goal. I am only 10 pounds from goal!!! TEN FREAKING POUNDS!!! How in the hell did it happen so quickly? I am in awe! I feel great! I am so very thankful for all of it. I am glad I took the risk and went through with it. It hasn't always been easy but it was never unbearable.

    What have I learned in 24 weeks? I have learned more about my body. I have learned to eat intuitively and listen to my body. Am I full? Am I thirsty? ...
  2. 23 Weeks-NASCAR-Scarecrow-Burn baby Burn!

    So I broke down and had to buy some jeans. The jeans I wore today were so baggy I just could not stand it any more. I had taken a pair from my daughter that I had just bought her and they fit. They were a size 4. Granted they are from Old Navy and their sizing is off at times. So tonight I went back and bought 2 more pairs. They are "super skinny" cut. I used to avoid skinny jeans and always go for the more boot cut to balance out all my layers. LOL.

    I am down ...
  3. 22 Weeks-133 lbs-13 lbs from GOAL-Shopping

    My, my, my...22 weeks already. (And 5 months officially as of 4/3/17.) Inching closer to goal weight. Just 13 lbs away. I never dreamed that in just 5 months I would be so close to my goal weight. Yet here we are and I am confident that I will get to my goal with no issues.

    I am still loving my Apple Watch. I can tell you that it has totally gotten me moving more periodically throughout the day. I have a job that I sit the whole time. This watch reminds me to get up and ...
  4. 21 weeks-Healthy Dogs-Walking on Sunshine

    Another week farther out from surgery. It is amazing how quickly it seems to be passing. 21 weeks and 52 lbs. (72 lbs total) That is nothing to complain about. I went upstairs to my old department at work to see an old friend who just came back to San Antonio. (He had moved and worked for our company in Phoenix for a year and just came back on Monday.) He was so shocked and complimentary on my weight loss. I also ran into a whole bunch of other friends from before my promotion in July. ...
  5. 20 weeks-Car Accident-51/71-Life is Grand!

    So I am 20 weeks out today. I can't believe it! I swear when I was going through the insurance process and waiting for approval the time was sooo slow. Now it is flying by and I am loving life! I have lost 51 lbs post op and 71 lbs total. I really did not think the sleeve would work this well for me. I was skeptical because so many things have failed over a years. It sounded too good to be true. Turns out....the sleeve and me are a good fit!

    So I was on my way home from work ...
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