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  1. 20 weeks-Car Accident-51/71-Life is Grand!

    So I am 20 weeks out today. I can't believe it! I swear when I was going through the insurance process and waiting for approval the time was sooo slow. Now it is flying by and I am loving life! I have lost 51 lbs post op and 71 lbs total. I really did not think the sleeve would work this well for me. I was skeptical because so many things have failed over a years. It sounded too good to be true. Turns out....the sleeve and me are a good fit!

    So I was on my way home from work ...
  2. Squatty Potty-TMI-Mother in Law-Rash

    So some of you may be like me and have poop issues since being sleeved. I take a daily stool softener but get constipated still. And when I do go, I have a hard time. LOL. I used to have a stool that I used for years that was a stool from when I was a child. It was perfect. It made going so comfortable. Over the years of travelling the world it somehow got lost form one location to the next. Anyways, a while back they on Shark Tank they had a Squatty Potty. It is supposed to put you in ...
  3. Confession Time: Why I weigh myslef every day

    I weigh myself every day. Actually every morning and every night. If I go in the bathroom then I will weigh myself. I like to see exactly what my body is doing. I feel it definitely keeps me on track. I know it is also going to be beneficial down the road when I am in the maintenance phase. Because as soon as I see myself regaining I will be able to put a stop to it before it gets out of control.
    I have seen so many sleevers come back desperate for help when they have gained 30+ pounds. ...
  4. 19 weeks-Who's that girl?-Cloud 9

    19 weeks. Sometimes it astonishes me when I think about what I looked like just 19 weeks ago. I was puffy and bloated and miserable. I couldn't see my feet. My thighs were very large and caused so much friction they could start a fire. Shopping was no fun...everything looked like crap on me and did not fit right. I hated being in pictures and tried to avoid them at all costs. I ate way more than my husband and was always hungry. The most humiliating part is that at 4'11" I weighed more ...
  5. Work Health Assessment-Rocking My Sleeve-Healthy and Loving it!!

    Had my health assessment at work today. I rocked those numbers!!! The only number that I was not ideal/optimal was my BMI...which is still at 27. But I am soooo close to not being overweight anymore. It was a fasting blood draw. Unfortunately my appointment was scheduled for 1155 since it is at work and we have a lot of employees. I could not get anything earlier. I can tell you that with being thinner and having a little belly made the fasting for so long difficult. I was starving. When ...
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