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  1. Officially no longer overweight!!!!

    So today is the day that it finally happened. I hopped on that scale and it said 123....and just like that I am officially no longer overweight. I have not felt overweight in about 10 lbs...maybe more. But it is still so very, very nice to know that I am no longer classified as overweight. Isn't is curious how much merit we put on these stupid labels? I mean, it is dumb that this meant so much to me. It is not like someone knows that my BMI had me as overweight unless I tell them because I ...
  2. Escape Room-Long Night-Quickie Post

    Just a quick post to say we had a great time at the Escape Room. I took a picture with the winner sign (before we even went in) but we did not escape. But we understand it a lot more so we are eager to do it again. It was definitely a lot of fun.

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    We went out to eat afterwards and had such poor service that the manager comped our full meal (there were 7 of us) and gave us each $10 gift cards because our server was such an ass. And ...
  3. 28 Weeks?!?!?!-Old Man Booty-Some Friendships Last Forever-

    OMG!!! Where has the time gone? Today I am 28 weeks post op. It really flew by. Sitting here in my room all happy and healthy. Sometimes when people call me tiny I think...who are they talking about? Then I realize I am tiny. I haven't been tiny in forever yet here I am....tiny. I look thin. I know I am still technically 3 pounds from being out of the "overweight" BMI but I am calling BS on that one. I don't look one bit overweight. I have to double take almost every time that ...
  4. Friendship-Life After Sleeve-Mother's Day

    Happy Mother's Day!! It has been an amazing journey. My first Mother's Day in a very long time as a normal sized person. It is such a great feeling. Today I got up and we went and did our Sunday routine of my Starbucks and then groceries. My in laws had given me several beautiful flower plants for Mother's Day when we got together yesterday and celebrated. So after coming home I replanted all my flowers into my flower pots. I have not done that in years but since I cleaned out my garage last ...
  5. TMI....Do not read if you are easily offended....a little jiggle giggle!

    So I do know I have some extra skin. It doesn't look too bad and so far I can deal with it. Today I thought that my pants were bunched under my leg, it was actually some skin. LOL. At any rate, here is my TMI skin story. So looking in the mirror at my butt and thighs I grabbed some skin and pulled up and let it drop. Kind of laughed. Decided to shake my booty really hard and fast....you should have seen that flapping action that was going on. If I did it fast enough I could actually hear ...
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