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  1. **Haircut**Flashback Side by Side Comparison**

    So I finally decided to cut my hair short. I was tired of the regrowth making it look like I had a mullet. Billy Ray Cyrus had nothing on me. LOL. It is not the best picture of it but I really love my new short hair!

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    Also, I found a picture of one of the times I was "thinner" at about 160 lbs and put it next to a recent picture. Such a big difference. I especially love how my fat cheeks made my eyes all squinty. LOL. ...
  2. Progress-Strong Woman-Running-Maintenance-Tryouts

    Things are going great for this sleeved lady. New job training is over and just completed my first week of no longer being in training. Loving it. My manager is very pleased with how well I picked up the job. She has been able to give me extra work and I have been able to accomplish it all with no issues. The girl who sits next to me was sleeved in August. Not by my surgeon. She told me about being sleeved within a week or so of me joining the team. I did not tell her I was sleeved. Just ...
  3. You Spin Me Right Round Baby Right Round!

    My goodness. I can finally stop and breathe. It has been a long few weeks of going non stop. It was competition season for our Spirit Teams. (Pep Squad and Dance Team.) They had 2 weekends in a row but there were endless practices and what not. The girls did really well. Pep Squad was overall Grand Champion for their division and Dance Team took 2nd. But finally it is over for this year and I am so glad as I am wore out. LOL. I always get roped in to chaperoning and taking on any additional ...
  4. Almost 15 Months Out-Progress Pictures-Exercise is Your Best Friend

    So I am happy to report that I am almost 15 months out (2/3/18) and have been in maintenance for a while now. So far it has been easy. I love to run and strength train. It makes me feel strong. I think it helps make maintenance easier. I also have noticed a considerable amount of improvement in my loose skin due to exercising, especially around my knees. I am not embarrassed to wear shorts or skirts. I know it will continue to improve with continued exercise and good nutrition. I cannot stress ...
  5. Oh Yeah-Look What You Just Made Me Do-So Excited-Love My Sleeved Life

    I am sooo very excited. So much good going on in my life. I have one more week left in my old department then I start training for my new job. I will be working as a First Party Injury Adjuster. I am really excited about my new role. I did find out who my new manager will be. I actually know her (sort of) because she was a friend of mines manager 2 years ago when I worked in a different department. Also, I already know 3 people who will be on my new team so that is exciting as well. So I ...
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