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  1. And waiting on the last to fall.....

    Took me about 10 days but lost another pound. As I have gotten closer to goal I figured the last pounds would be hard to lose. Surprisingly, they haven't been as hard as I thought. I have just continued on my path and they are coming off slowly but surely. I am just a pound away from my goal weight. I feel absolutely healthy and confident. I am pretty sure I have at least a couple of pounds of excess skin. I would think about 3-5. I took a few more pics today. I am losing slower now so ...
  2. Four day work week-2 pounds from goal-Happy Hour!!

    And boom! Just like that the scale said 122 today!! Still losing a pound every week or so. So I am really content. I have no issues what so ever with my meals, cravings, energy levels etc. I feel amazing. I think that when I eat a little more, the scale moves. Because every time the scale goes down it is after a day or two where I feel like I have eaten a ton. I still have to eat slow and listen to my body cues but that is just making me more in tune with myself. I am actually tasting and ...
  3. Officially no longer overweight!!!!

    So today is the day that it finally happened. I hopped on that scale and it said 123....and just like that I am officially no longer overweight. I have not felt overweight in about 10 lbs...maybe more. But it is still so very, very nice to know that I am no longer classified as overweight. Isn't is curious how much merit we put on these stupid labels? I mean, it is dumb that this meant so much to me. It is not like someone knows that my BMI had me as overweight unless I tell them because I ...
  4. Escape Room-Long Night-Quickie Post

    Just a quick post to say we had a great time at the Escape Room. I took a picture with the winner sign (before we even went in) but we did not escape. But we understand it a lot more so we are eager to do it again. It was definitely a lot of fun.

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    We went out to eat afterwards and had such poor service that the manager comped our full meal (there were 7 of us) and gave us each $10 gift cards because our server was such an ass. And ...
  5. 28 Weeks?!?!?!-Old Man Booty-Some Friendships Last Forever-

    OMG!!! Where has the time gone? Today I am 28 weeks post op. It really flew by. Sitting here in my room all happy and healthy. Sometimes when people call me tiny I think...who are they talking about? Then I realize I am tiny. I haven't been tiny in forever yet here I am....tiny. I look thin. I know I am still technically 3 pounds from being out of the "overweight" BMI but I am calling BS on that one. I don't look one bit overweight. I have to double take almost every time that ...
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