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  1. Another one bites the dust!

    So week 2 of C25K is done and tomorrow I start week 3. And I have lost another pound. That brings my post op weight loss to 32 lbs (in 10 weeks) and overall weight loss to 52. I am so good with my results. They are right for me and my journey. Don't stress that it is lower than some people because I am losing and I feel successful. I absolutely love this site. Maybe a little too much. LOL.
    I really like all the good information. I like the comradery that comes with being in this ...
  2. Inching Away and C25k week 2 day 2

    Slowly but surely my scale is still moving in the right direction and the inches are coming off my body as well. I feel really great. I did my C25K week 2 day 2. I was breathing well and felt like I was running at a really good pace. I run outside so honestly I don't know how fast I am going. It feels fast. I could be running at a snails pace. Who knows? All I know is it feels good and my body is definitely responding to it positively. My dog is also enjoying the program. We get home and ...
  3. Milestones and other fun stuff!

    So it has FINALLY happened! I hit the 30 lb weight loss since surgery (I lost weight pre surgery so my total weight loss is 50). I am so excited about this. Especially since it is my time of month which used to always be accompanied by a temporary weight gain of a few pounds. My weight loss has slowed but I am still steadily losing so I am okay with that. I already knew I would drop a little slower and not to compare myself to others. But hitting this milestone was a mixture of excitement and ...
  4. New Baby!!!

    I've come to a realization is that my new tummy is like a baby. I have to take care of it and treat it well to ensure it doesn't get sick or worse. I talk about it in weeks. My "baby" is 9 weeks old. I have to make sure it is getting the proper nutrition because it doesn't know any better. I like to brag about it to people who show interest. I like to be in "mommy groups" with others so we can discuss our "babies"! Do I need to go on??
    Ok, so I know that ...
  5. C25K Week 1 Day 3!! Week one COMPLETE!! 9 weeks post op today!

    Woohoo! Week one is under my belt! I am feeling phenomenal! Love this program more than I can possibly express. A little soreness in my thighs but not unbearable and no issues when I go running with that feeling. It hurts so good. LOL. I am very excited about week 2. I know from last time, that it does get harder and there were weeks that I repeated so I would feel "comfortable" with it. I was a lot heavier then so I wonder if I will need to repeat weeks this time around
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