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  1. 18 weeks-Surgeon and PCP follow ups-Another one gone

    So Thursday was 18 weeks since my surgery. And I feel great! I am down another pound and hit 140. I was hoping to be under 140 for my appointment with my surgeon today to be in the 130's....so close but no cigar. And I am ok with that. I know it is just a matter of time.

    I did go see my surgeon and he was very pleased with my results and progress. I have not seen him since December (a month post op). He was pleased that I have had no side effects other than the hair loss ...
  2. Hair loss-still shrinking-love my sleeve

    So I am in the 40% of sleevers that have hair loss. I figured I would be since my sister (who is 5+ years post op) had hair loss. It isn't too terrible so far, but I do notice it. It's been about 2 weeks since I started having a lot of noticeable hair loss when I shower. I can tell it is a bit thinner up top on the sides near my temple. So far I am able to cover it up by just moving my hair around. Luckily, my hair was already a lot thicker from the biotin I have been taking for months which ...
  3. Sunday Theatre Date!

    So we went to see the musical Rent today at the theatre. It was simply amazing!! I was a little sad that it rained today, though, because I wanted to wear heels. I decided it was better to wear flats. I was really, really pleased with getting able to dress up. I felt really good about how I looked.

    We went out to eat Cajun before the show. I had grilled shrimp and green beans. Two of my favorite things. It was yummy. Got to the show. Had a great time. The seats were awesome. ...
  4. Sleeve doesn't fix your problems!!

    So I went to my companies bowl-a-thon last night! I had a great time with friends but I did have to learn the hard way that the sleeve does NOT fix your problems. Even with the weight loss I am a TERRIBLE bowler!! LOL. Although the people on my team sucked too so I was not alone in that. Most people were just there to support a good cause (Veteran Homelessness) and have fun. And really, that is all that matters!

    Today it is raining its butt off so after running my errands ...
  5. 17 weeks-

    17 weeks out today. Officially 4 months tomorrow. I have lost 45 lbs since surgery. (Will be able to claim 46 tomorrow if I see 141 on the scale again in the morning) Am quite pleased with how things worked out. Remember wondering if I would be successful with the sleeve. Glad I can say yes.

    I definitely am longer feeling the need to snack between meals. I did find something yummy and new. I am subscribed to WOD box that has all kinds of neat workout/healthy stuff sent ...
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