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  1. Back to the Grind-Same ol' Same ol'-Underwires-How low do they go?

    Happy to report that I am already back down to my pre vacation weight of 117!! So that little gain did not last when I went back to my regular eating.
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    So everything is going well. I am really, really starting to prefer to wear skirts now. Even at work. Today I wore a skirt and wedges and felt amazing. I used to only wear jeans to work for comfort but now I feel comfortable in just about anything. I kinda felt like Pretty Woman in my outfit...minus ...
  2. I'm back!-Gelato Every Day-Awesome Vacation

    So I had a fantastic vacation!! It was a lot of fun and a lot of food....well a lot for me. So the interesting thing is that I did not weigh myself for a full 2 1/2 weeks as I did not have access to a scale on my vacation. For whatever reason, my dad no longer had a scale in the house. At first, I was kind of freaking out about not having a scale. But I did try to pay attention to what my body looked like and how my shorts fit.
    I ate anything and everything I wanted. After all, I ...
  3. Shopping-Trip Preparations-Smaller Size Please-What a Bargain

    So going on a trip after extreme weight loss calls for some shopping. I have been putting it off long enough and have only bought a few items to get me through over the last (almost) 8 months. A lot of that in part, though, was because I had hoarded my smaller sizes in the garage. Today I went to Kohls and did some shopping since they were having some big sales. I needed some jean shorts to add to the ones I had bought back in March. I went and grabbed some size 5 from the juniors department. ...
  4. Interview-119-Italy-Going to Rock a Dress

    So today has been a great day!! I just found out I will be getting interviewed for a promotion at work. And the interview is TOMORROW!!!! I am excited and nervous all at the same time. I really hope I am able to get the job as I had just been promoted in July of last year. It is a really competitive company I work for so whenever positions open up they have to weed out the applicants (internal applicants) to see who will get interviewed and then they interview quite a few for the limited positions. ...
  5. Do a little dance...make a little love....get down tonight......get down tonight....


    I hope you are all up dancing because guess who hit her goal weight today??? THIS CHICK RIGHT HERE!!! I feel like I have just won the freaking lottery. While I was completely satisfied with where I was...there is just something mental about hitting your goal weight. I was scared that 120 was too small. Too thin. Too low. I was probably never going to make it. Right? I mean, we have all been there. Set goals. Tried with all our might like the ...
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