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  1. Gold-Bringing Sexy Back-Loving My Sleeve-Running-Knee Supports

    So I just wanted to say that at 18 months I overate last night and got sick. Didn't even think it was that much but obviously my belly thought otherwise. Just goes to show that even when you think you got this thing down you just never know. LOL.
    Today at work my team got to go out to lunch. It was great. I decided to wear a skirt and I was just loving my new legs. I feel like Ariel when she got her new legs. LOL. I have always been insecure about having big calves. Even when I ...
  2. **Lucky Score**Making Memories**Happy Kiddo**Let's Make a Deal**

    So we began the process of researching to get my daughter a car. She has a permit and needs to practice driving so she can get her license in August. My car is a stick shift and my husband's car is too big (Explorer). So we were looking at used cars and wanting one that is very reliable. I mentioned we should find something like the Fiesta my nephew had. So my hubby out of curiosity went online looking at the dealerships. He found a red one on sale for $12,5K and then talked them down to $12,1K. ...
  3. 5k-Any Baby Can-Going for Gold-Vitamins

    Totally scored at Walmart. They had all sorts of vitamins on sale for $3 a bottle. (Regular prices were between $7 and $10.) I bought several bottles of the Biotin 10,000mcg, multi vitamin gummies (the only way I can take them without feeling sick/burping up the flavor), and vitamin D. Even bought some multi vitamins for my hubby and kids since they had men's, women's, and teens versions. I was pleased as pie getting all that stuff. The lady at the register probably thought I was crazy. LOL. ...
  4. **Haircut**Flashback Side by Side Comparison**

    So I finally decided to cut my hair short. I was tired of the regrowth making it look like I had a mullet. Billy Ray Cyrus had nothing on me. LOL. It is not the best picture of it but I really love my new short hair!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Also, I found a picture of one of the times I was "thinner" at about 160 lbs and put it next to a recent picture. Such a big difference. I especially love how my fat cheeks made my eyes all squinty. LOL. ...
  5. Progress-Strong Woman-Running-Maintenance-Tryouts

    Things are going great for this sleeved lady. New job training is over and just completed my first week of no longer being in training. Loving it. My manager is very pleased with how well I picked up the job. She has been able to give me extra work and I have been able to accomplish it all with no issues. The girl who sits next to me was sleeved in August. Not by my surgeon. She told me about being sleeved within a week or so of me joining the team. I did not tell her I was sleeved. Just ...
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