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  1. T minus 3 weeks and addicted to information

    I don't know if it is nerves or what, but I have 3 weeks until surgery and it feels like I can't get enough information about it. I did my research before I even started this process and I know I have made a smart, well informed decision. Right now it's like I'm addicted to anything and everything VSG! I come home everyday from work and I look at forums and blogs on this site. I'm googling testimony videos from people that have had the surgery. At this point, I think I have watched every single ...
  2. My husband, sister, Mom, and Daddy

    This past week I told everyone in my family that my surgery is approved. My husband has been kept in the know all along. A few things happened that I did not expect. For those of you that remember, my mom was adamant that I not have the surgery when I was scheduled before. (She especially didn't want me to have it around any holidays "in case something goes wrong and you die, it will ruin your family's holiday for the rest of their lives".) She even did a dance when insurance denied me ...