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  1. Stupid Stitch

    I am post op day 8 and would feel perfect if it weren't for this one internal stitch that I apparently pulled or something. (The nurse assured me that it's not popped loose). Apparently about 3-4 inches below the largest incision (where they pull the stomach out) they have a stitch that attaches to the muscle wall. Well on Sunday I did quite a bit around the house and I guess I over did it and pulled that stitch when I was laying down to rest. I felt it when I was laying down and it felt like a ...
  2. I was not prepared for the pain...

    Surgery was Monday and while in the hospital I did really well. Discharged from hospital today and I wasn't expecting to still be hurting this badly. I am walking to get rid of the gas, but these stomach spasms are really getting to me. I know that this is a phase that I have to endure but I just really wasn't expecting all of this pain. My last surgery was a total hysterectomy (open surgery-not laparoscopic) and I don't remember feeling like this afterwards.

    Just getting down on ...
  3. Surgery is done and recovery is getting better.

    Surgery is done!!! I am among the sleeved! Everything went great...or at least that's what they tell me anyways. I have some nausea and the pain is very difficult to describe. I think the drain tube is what is causing the most discomfort. That and the gas they pump in you.

    The nurses have been amazing. And said that I have been doing wonderful with my walking!!! Keep praying for me please. :-)
  4. Vacation while pre-op dieting

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ID:	27033My son is an avid baseball player, so for Christmas last year we got him tickets to see the New York Mets (his fave team) play Cincinnati in Cincinnati. Well the game was last Thursday so we planned a mini vacation and then came back home and went camping. All of this while I was on pre-op diet. It wasn't easy, especially since I am a concession stand food junkie, but I did it! I haven't weighed myself since the night before my diet began ...
  5. 2 week pre-op diet starts tomorrow!

    Over the last several years that I have been looking at VSG, I have had days on my calendar pinpointed with exclamation points. Everyone's journey is a bit different, but I had the day of the required informational seminar marked, psyche evaluation day marked (shew, glad they didn't commit me to the asylum!!!), endoscopy day, nutrition class day, one day per month with PCP, appt with surgeon, date for insurance approval, and now I have reached the day marked in my calendar for tomorrow to begin ...
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