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  1. Stalls, Dr appt, and a new hairdo

    Been in a stall for a few weeks, but still seeing changes by inches so Iím surprisingly not freaking out (yet). I have been stepping on the scale regularly and itís been very difficult to stay away from it. Iím still a work in progress!! I went to my primary care doctor today and he was ecstatic about my progress. He says everything is looking great so far...I have to have labs to check vitamin levels and cholesterol levels. Doc says heís not expecting any craziness from my labs though.
  2. Resolutions

    2018 will start out much differently than all the other years...my resolution has nothing to do with weight! I am resolving myself to be healthy and strong. I resolve to complete the Bowling Green Gauntlet Mud Run this year and am determined to not skip any of the obstacles. My daughter has asked several times for us to do a Color Run and I have put her off previously because I just didnít think I could do it due to my weight...well, I resolve to sign us up this year!

    I have been ...
  3. Great date night with the husband and Christmas shopping

    Last night was our annual date night in Nashville Tn with Christmas shopping for the kids today. It was absolutely wonderful!!! We got all dressed up and went to eat at Sperryís in Cool Springs. I ate the best steak I have EVER had!! 8oz filet mignon. I could only eat half and I told my husband that before surgery I would have eaten every last bit and wished for more, but I stuck to my routine and stopped eating when my body told me to. (I typically hiccup just before I get to the point of being ...
  4. Learning from Eminem

    I, like most of you, listen to music while exercising. Today a song came on while I was on the treadmill and it caught my attention and made me really listen to the words. We listen to all genres of music. Seriously- rock, rap country, R&B, classical, Opera, oldies... you name it and we typically know a song or two. Tonight, Eminemís ďNot AfraidĒ came on and really hit home with me. (Btw, if you listen to the song be prepared fo foul language). I know that he sang it about his drug/alcohol ...
  5. Tis the season!!

    So, I have been so busy I have not had much time to get on here, but I wanted to drop in and give updates.

    I am 2 1/2 months out from surgery and I am seeing the changes now. Before I knew in my head that there were changes, but when I looked in the mirror all I saw was the old fat self. Luckily my husband has been very generous at helping with that. He sends me texts periodically of pictures of me from years ago that I didnít even know he had with a side by side pic of the new me. ...
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