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  1. Operation McSkinny Jeans

    2 Weeks Post-Op

    I'm feeling REALLY good! Once in a while, particularly when I go from sitting to standing I feel something akin to a sore muscle in my abdomen which only lasts a minute or two. Beyond that,... nada. No pain. No sorenes. Nothing.

    My body definitely tells me to eat slowly and rebels if I don't. It also fusses if I eat more than a few bites. It might take me half hour to eat a cup of soup. That is exactly what I needed though and I've already lost ...
  2. Operation McSkinny Jeans

    7 Day Post-op Follow Up!

    Finally! Answers, relief and healing!

    I am truly feeling better. I had a blockage causing all that pain. Narcotics do it to me every time.

    This was a great day! Not only did I figure out the source, and resolve the monster pain I've been experiencing, but I also have now advanced to a liquid diet,.. as opposed to a 'clear' liquid diet. I am once again encouraged.

    The past 7 days have been brutal but would I ...
  3. Operation McSkinny Jeans

    Day 6

    I acknowledge it may be wishful thinking but I may,.. or may not,... feel a bit better. Clearly not enough to be sure but I'm hopeful for better days ahead.

    There is absolutely nothing planned today. Not even walking. I realize that is not a good plan but either something is wrong or my body isn't healing like most and I plan to take it easy until there is clear signs of healing,.. and feeling better.

    I have a follow up appt tomorrow, whew. ...
  4. Operation McSkinny Jeans

    Day 5 Post-op

    The day started well. My pain was MUUUCH better. I know I said I was going to shower on day 4 but I ended up not feeling up to it. Today I did though! I had the energy and minor pain level so I not only showered but enjoyed it until all the hot water ran out! It,.. was heavenly.

    I felt so great that I ended up driving, shopping, doing a lot of walking etc. I wanted to make up for lost time because until this day I have not been getting around ...