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  1. Almost There! Need advice :)

    My surgery is set for December 6th for the gastric sleeve and I am so excited! I have been working on this for over a year and it's finally almost here. I'm nervous & excited at the same time. I meet with the surgeon in a few weeks, any suggestions on questions I should ask him? Any hospital tips for packing or what to expect? Any advise is greatly appreciated! Thanks
  2. The beginning

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    So I am still in the very beginning stage of this process. I have been to several appointments and have been to my first round of classes for behavior, diet, & exercise. I have 3 more rounds each of those classes and several more appointments to go. What I really like about how Kaiser has set this up is that the classes are in a group setting and you are with the same group of people every time so you build friendships and a support system of people going through the exact same process as you.