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  1. The Pendulum

    I like pendulum metaphors, particularly because when they are working they are moving. Swaying back and forth trying to find some balance? No, that is not it's job. It is a force that moves back in forth within our true essence.

    There was some craze some years ago and probably there are thousands who think that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. A book which has that title sold millions, and probably made millions more. I always had a hard time with it, because as I didn't ...
  2. Thinking about eating disorders, my first step to recovery

    I have learned so much from folks in this forum and have received a tremendous show of support. I have also been forced to think about such things as head hunger, emotional eating, and food addiction in ways which I was unable to do so before.

    Years back I joined Overeaters Anonymous and Food Addicts Anonymous groups because I knew I had a problem, I left them because they were not working for me. Many times my sponsors became overbearing and judgemental, maybe that was not their ...