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  1. 4-Month Post Op Dietary Tweaks

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    Lol, ladies! I am no expert on this low carb thing, just learned what has worked for me in the past. If I ate 100 carbs a day, I would never lose weight but would gain. I still watch it, but will give in and have a cookie, brownie or whatever on some days. Having lasagna tonight. I just don't have a ton of it. Like 2 cookies rather than 10. The sleeve PLUS developing better habits is key to this!

    On my days I stay strict low carb, my day might look something like
  2. 3-Month Sleevesary Update

    Breath. I remind myself, it is progress, not perfection. Breath.

    I don't know why this is such a mental struggle, well I do, but, still, the head games we play on ourselves... when does it ease up?

    I am not anywhere near unpacking and putting stuff away. I have two boxes full of files I need to go through, and I am avoiding. The guest bed is full of stuff I probably need to throw away. I have shoved a few things on the shelves in my closet that I need to hang up. ...