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  1. 16-Month Post-Op Check-In


    Today of all days I was rudely reminded that I have a built-in alarm. I think I did not wash my coffee container properly and left soap in it. There was a bitter perfume taste and because I needed my fix of coffee and did not want to waste it or had time to make another at 6 am, I drank it. About five minutes later I was in agony, my stomach felt like it did a few weeks post op, like it curled and twisted in pain.

    Well, that stopped me dead in my tracks and ...
  2. 15-Month Post-op Check-In

    Wow! what a whirlwind! I started my Graduate program, and already two weeks have flown by!!!

    Stress eating could improve, both my daughter and I were in separate car accidents weeks from each other, mine was very minor, and while hers totaled her vehicle she walked away with one minor injury. Fortunately, neither of us were at fault and my insurance has been stellar in taking care of everything. Yesterday, we went to a dealership to get her new vehicle and I since we had settled ...
  3. 14-Month Sleeversary: Reflections and Focus

    After being sleeved for a few months, and struggling with hunger (real and imagined, mostly imagined I imagine lol!), and slow weight loss I kinda questioned if I was even sleeved, I found my medical records and read that my surgeon used a 40 French bougie.

    According to wlshelp.com "depending on the bougie size used by the surgeon, the new stomach size will be about 60-80% smaller after surgery. The average stomach holds 30-40 ounces, or roughly 4-6 cups per meal. After surgery, ...
  4. Intermittent Fasting-Who Knew!!!

    Actually, I know RehabNurse has mentioned more than a few times, to be honest early in my post-op life it scared me to think of not being able to eat beyond a four or five hour window because of how little I was eating then. I also, had heard/read several folks here talking about Keto Diet, and no way in hell was I going to try that knowning what has been ingrained in me about fat.

    Keto diet is supposed to achieve fat loss instead of muscle loss by ketosis (which is generally used ...
  5. 13 Month Post-Op & 75lbs gone!

    I am chugging along, and absolutely no regrets for choosing this path.

    I am still learning and adjusting to being a "sleeved person" in a non-sleeved world. Eating is less complicated now, not that it really was, I am able to eat just about anything. I still eat in small portions just like my nutritionist taught me... serve yourself a 1/4 cup and you still feel hungry get another 1/4 cup.

    My lifelong adjustment now is that I can easily eat 3 oz of lean meat ...
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