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  1. jerzeygirl's Avatar
    Shirl, great job You are truly a success and it's great for us to be able to share in your wisdom. I wish you continued success, and the sleeved life is amazing for many of us!
  2. TarotAces's Avatar
    You are doing a TERRIFIC job Shirl!!!

    Keep up the good work; you're an inspiration to many here. <3
  3. Mbenson5's Avatar
    So glad you stuck around here - you always were so encouraging! I'm glad you are doing so well, and Ann - good to see you too!!! I admire your determination - you remind me of myself - I struggled, but was determined it was not going to kick my ass!! You go girl!!!!
  4. bigdogluver's Avatar
    Congratulations! You are doing so fantastically and thanks for sharing your journey with everyone, it's very inspiring. All the best!
  5. Sandra3's Avatar
    I think you are doing amazingly great and you are right numbers are not goals. Nutrition and health are our main priorities period.
    Most days I do feel like I reached a balance. And I find inner peace no doubts. But like everyone I have a hard time dealing with "outside stressors" and it can get intense like those past months. I realized when my stress is really high it does change how I see things too. My perspective becomes twisted.
    I'm still dealing with body image issues with those days where I feel like I'm still +300 pounds. Really weird. I mean....what the heck!!
  6. Christie13's Avatar
    Happy sleeverversary Shirl! You are doing a great job and you are focusing on giving your body the nutrition it needs. As we talked about, we do our body a disservice when we don't focus on giving it nutrient dense foods. And while you lost 2.5 lbs....the changes in muscle and fat % speak volumes that what you are doing is the right thing. I would rather lose slowly and lose fat versus muscle! Big hugs!
  7. Ann2's Avatar
    Shirl, I'm so with you on the need for WLS patients to eat nutritious foods! For most of us, getting healthy was our original, top goal. Healthy foods (and prescribed vitamins, minerals and other supplements, along with lots of water) are the fuels our bodies need to get and stay healthy.

    But that ain't gonna happen if most of the foods we eat are those "white foods" and slider foods we were told early on to avoid or minimize. Those are also the foods that, when we overdo them, make us crave them even more.

    How I'm working my own "balance" in maintenance (this is my way, not prescribing it for others!) is that 75% of my calories come from protein (both animal and plant), veggies, whole grains, and fruits. The other 25% of my calories come from what I call "treat foods."

    But everyone has to find their own balance based on what makes THEIR bodies thrive.
  8. Katrina's Avatar
    How awesome! Shirl, your jumpsuit is to die for!! You ladies both look amazing and happy.
  9. Mickey93250's Avatar
    That is so cool I hope one day to meet amazing people like you!
  10. JLPSch's Avatar
    That's fantastic! Having support from fellow sleevers really helps!
  11. Sandra3's Avatar
    So great!! wish I could have been there to meet you both too!!
  12. Christie13's Avatar
    It was so amazing meeting you too!!! I can't wait for our next meet up!
  13. blackjac24's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Shirl
    Thank you, Sheri! You are doing awesome too! Did the meds helped your stall?
    Yes, I am 9 lbs away from my goal, 2 lbs away from the doctors goal. He is keeping me on them for another 2 months. Thank you for asking. Keep up the good work. Hugs
  14. Notoriousbig's Avatar
    Good job sis!!
  15. Christie13's Avatar
    Congrats on your success! And good luck with all your upcoming changes! Very exciting times ahead.
  16. Shirl's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ann2
    Go for it all, Shirl!
    Thanks, Ann! Gonna give it my all!
  17. Shirl's Avatar
    Thank you all y'alls!

    Yes, it's been a gloomy week hormonal wise, and having my partner visit for a good four days made me miss him terribly! We've booked my home visits to Austin for April and May, and an extended June-August. Then grad school starts!!!

    Super excited and nervous wreck about it! But I know this is what I have always wanted!!! It doesn't matter that I'm about to turn 49 years old! With 71lbs gone I feel much more alive and energetic than I did in my younger days!

    All these changes are definitely scary, and definitely taking me out of my comfort zone, but they are necessary if I want to pursue my dreams and goals which have been deferred for one or other reasons for way too long! I'm just happy I have my partner and my kids love and support, and all y'alls alongside for this journey!
  18. Ann2's Avatar
    Go for it all, Shirl!
  19. Shirl's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by blackjac24

    Congrats!! I am so happy for you.
    Thank you, Sheri! You are doing awesome too! Did the meds helped your stall?
  20. blackjac24's Avatar

    Congrats!! I am so happy for you.
  21. Sandra3's Avatar
    What a great photo! you look amazing! you must be so close from your goal weight!!
    Stress and moving...I know that too well. It is a real pain. But keeping in mind how much progress we made in a few months do help to stay on track. We can do this!!
  22. Christie13's Avatar
    Shirl you look stunning!!! Great job! Wow! That is a lot of changes going on. You got this. When you come to Austin in May we should try to meet up for lunch. Good luck with the new living situation and house! I am sure it is going to be great!
  23. Linda51's Avatar
    Good luck with your new living arrangements. I lived with my son and daughter-in-law for 1 1/2 years and would call it a mixed blessing. The biggest blessing was the time I was able to spend with my grandchildren. Another blessing was getting to know my son as a very capable adult man, focused on taking care of his family. My daughter-in-law and I developed a very special relationship that lasts even now that I'm still in California and they are in Texas. There were some very strained moments, but overall I wouldn't trade that experience for the world. Is your son's family accepting of the lifestyle that you will need to continue for the rest of your life? If they are, then I would say, have a Wonderful Life!
  24. jerzeygirl's Avatar
    Love the picture and pink is your color! I wish you luck and this opportunity can be a blessing in disguise. Change is good and I'm looking for major changes (positive ones I hope) for my future. I never thought about moving out of NJ, but that option is seeming better and better as I age a little and warmer climates are calling my name.
  25. Tommy1969's Avatar
    Best of luck to you, hope you find happiness and your days get brighter!
  26. Shirl's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Muted_Tummy
    WomYn! I miss you!
  27. Muted_Tummy's Avatar
  28. Ann2's Avatar
    Congrats, Shirl, on all fronts.
  29. Linda51's Avatar
    Congratulations on all the great things happening in your life right now! Grad school! Weight loss! and PARIS!!

    If you've never been to Paris, you will love it. I've been there twice and I would go every year if I could!
  30. Pam G's Avatar
    What will be your grad school major?
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