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  1. blackjac24's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Shirl
    Thank you, Sheri! You are doing awesome too! Did the meds helped your stall?
    Yes, I am 9 lbs away from my goal, 2 lbs away from the doctors goal. He is keeping me on them for another 2 months. Thank you for asking. Keep up the good work. Hugs
  2. Notoriousbig's Avatar
    Good job sis!!
  3. Christie13's Avatar
    Congrats on your success! And good luck with all your upcoming changes! Very exciting times ahead.
  4. Shirl's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ann2
    Go for it all, Shirl!
    Thanks, Ann! Gonna give it my all!
  5. Shirl's Avatar
    Thank you all y'alls!

    Yes, it's been a gloomy week hormonal wise, and having my partner visit for a good four days made me miss him terribly! We've booked my home visits to Austin for April and May, and an extended June-August. Then grad school starts!!!

    Super excited and nervous wreck about it! But I know this is what I have always wanted!!! It doesn't matter that I'm about to turn 49 years old! With 71lbs gone I feel much more alive and energetic than I did in my younger days!

    All these changes are definitely scary, and definitely taking me out of my comfort zone, but they are necessary if I want to pursue my dreams and goals which have been deferred for one or other reasons for way too long! I'm just happy I have my partner and my kids love and support, and all y'alls alongside for this journey!
  6. Ann2's Avatar
    Go for it all, Shirl!
  7. Shirl's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by blackjac24

    Congrats!! I am so happy for you.
    Thank you, Sheri! You are doing awesome too! Did the meds helped your stall?
  8. blackjac24's Avatar

    Congrats!! I am so happy for you.
  9. Sandra3's Avatar
    What a great photo! you look amazing! you must be so close from your goal weight!!
    Stress and moving...I know that too well. It is a real pain. But keeping in mind how much progress we made in a few months do help to stay on track. We can do this!!
  10. Christie13's Avatar
    Shirl you look stunning!!! Great job! Wow! That is a lot of changes going on. You got this. When you come to Austin in May we should try to meet up for lunch. Good luck with the new living situation and house! I am sure it is going to be great!
  11. Linda51's Avatar
    Good luck with your new living arrangements. I lived with my son and daughter-in-law for 1 1/2 years and would call it a mixed blessing. The biggest blessing was the time I was able to spend with my grandchildren. Another blessing was getting to know my son as a very capable adult man, focused on taking care of his family. My daughter-in-law and I developed a very special relationship that lasts even now that I'm still in California and they are in Texas. There were some very strained moments, but overall I wouldn't trade that experience for the world. Is your son's family accepting of the lifestyle that you will need to continue for the rest of your life? If they are, then I would say, have a Wonderful Life!
  12. jerzeygirl's Avatar
    Love the picture and pink is your color! I wish you luck and this opportunity can be a blessing in disguise. Change is good and I'm looking for major changes (positive ones I hope) for my future. I never thought about moving out of NJ, but that option is seeming better and better as I age a little and warmer climates are calling my name.
  13. Tommy1969's Avatar
    Best of luck to you, hope you find happiness and your days get brighter!
  14. Shirl's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Muted_Tummy
    WomYn! I miss you!
  15. Muted_Tummy's Avatar
  16. Ann2's Avatar
    Congrats, Shirl, on all fronts.
  17. Linda51's Avatar
    Congratulations on all the great things happening in your life right now! Grad school! Weight loss! and PARIS!!

    If you've never been to Paris, you will love it. I've been there twice and I would go every year if I could!
  18. Pam G's Avatar
    What will be your grad school major?
  19. Cherub's Avatar
    Congrats on all progress and exciting happenings!
    You have contributed so much to this forum and it is rewarding to see you doing so well! It inspires me to strive for goals across all aspects of life.
  20. Sandra3's Avatar
    Congrats!!! many great news to be happy about!! you're doing amazing on the sleeve side, grad school!! hourra!! and even better for the trip!!

    You shouldn't worry about low and high protein days. Balance is actually "done" over one month, I did learn that during one of my nutrition classes. Not sure how accurate it is but I had some very good and very bad days regarding proteins, average is probably very good since I didn't lose any muscle for the last 9 months...
    I will PM you about Paris!!
  21. Christie13's Avatar
    Happy sleeversary! You look fabulous! And I love that're you're grabbing the moon (or is it the sun?!)!! I know what you mean about protein intake....and while I am not a super tracker (I track in my head daily)...I find I have good and bad protein days. I think you are doing well in finding that healthy eating lifestyle versus diet mentality and it is going to suit you well in the long term.
    And PARIS!!!! So very exciting!! Have you been before? You are going to love it! You totally deserve the trip and you are going to look so great in all your vacation pics! Take a ton!
  22. Sandra3's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Shirl
    I know what you mean, I've suffered from IBS and I contribute my relief to probiotics, enzymes and plant supplements.
    I think somewhere my IBS issue is linked to my obesity. Because it also started right after my first pregnancy/gestational diabetes/becoming obese.
    But since there's is a colon cancer history in both sides of my family I saw several specialists in 20 years and not one offered a real solution to help. My biggest issue was the constant diarrhea, too much fiber could make me sick for days. I've been taking probiotics for +20 years even before it was "in fashion". But eating veggies or salad when eating out was a big no non because I could never know if it was not going to start an "episode". So sometimes I had to take Loperamide everyday when traveling, just as prevention. Since the sleeve my IBS is almost gone. I can safely eat veggies, even when eating out! I did read that the sleeve does change our metabolism on many ways. I hope that side effect will not go away!
  23. Sandra3's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TarotAces
    Does doubling the iron work? I've ALWAYS had trouble with period cravings and over eating at that time. If this helps it would be WONDERFUL.
    Well, it works well for me. And my doc confirmed I was doing the right thing. But I always had issues with chronic anemia, it just got worth post-sleeve. I noticed the past months that when my iron was too low the cravings were worth than ever and it was right during the first week of TOM or few days before. So I did it three times already and could see a big improvement. But check your blood test to make sure of where you are regarding your iron level. You don't want to over dose on iron. For me it's safe because even with mega dose I'm always low.
  24. Shirl's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TarotAces
    Does doubling the iron work? I've ALWAYS had trouble with period cravings and over eating at that time. If this helps it would be WONDERFUL.
    I was on my moon when I read that and made sure to take iron supplement, I am not sure if it helped because I also stopped one trigger food that I feel was causing my uncontrollable sugar craving or maybe it was a combo of both. I have, however, put a reminder to start taking iron supplement a week before my next scheduled moon.
  25. TarotAces's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sandra3
    My period started last week end too, I had to double my iron dosage to stop the cravings. I did have some chocolate but had red meat too, just to balance the whole thing.
    Does doubling the iron work? I've ALWAYS had trouble with period cravings and over eating at that time. If this helps it would be WONDERFUL.
  26. Shirl's Avatar
    Sandra, this week I upped my probiotics along with eating more protein and limiting my carbs to vegetables and whatever is found in cheese, and to the a new almond milk I am trying out this week. I know what you mean, I've suffered from IBS and I contribute my relief to probiotics, enzymes and plant supplements. These last few days I have been "going" several times a day and on the loose side, so I'm thinking something is making things move, hopefully it's the probiotics and high fiber at work.

    Pam, my sugar cravings are on an all time high, so I am allowing dark chocolate as a treat even if I over eat it has less sugars than what I was eating during the Holidays. I saw that one small praline had the sugar and fat content of four servings of my dark chocolate. I had also started adding a bit of honey to my evening tea, and that had to be stopped. I think it was really triggering other cravings.

    Liz, I can't eat like I used to preop, but definitely can eat a bit more these days, some days less than others thank Goodness! I guess my tummy has completely healed and knowing that my surgeon used 40f bougie, I know I will be able to eat even more down the road. But I do hope that with food diary and logging, I will be able to keep track of how much I am eating. I know some folks think it's a hassle, but it helps me stay accountable.
  27. Sandra3's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Shirl
    Losing 36k is no small feat! That's 79.5lbs!
    Well, I was expecting more, and was hoping that the one year package would include less pressure on my joints for good, and more work out than now (today : 2 miles and my knee started it's dance, then the pollution was so bad again I just gave up and went back to the metro...argh!). My surgeon actually include my pre-op diet and his two weeks pre-op diet in his numbers, which makes a total of 44kgs. Indeed nothing to cry about here. I could never have reached that number with a diet only. I actually am right now at my lowest weight in 20 years, since I got huge with gestational diabetes I was never at that weight before except during my first pregnancy.

    I do understand why you want to do a detox and if it will certainly work for many, I know that for me it's just not possible. It's just an observation here, I'm not being critical, I just share my point of view because it might not work for everyone.
    I know that if I start to think 'no chocolate for two weeks" the only thing I'm going to think about for two weeks is going to be chocolate. And then I start a pattern that I will have a hard time to break. The only thing that work for me is changing something long term. I stopped drinking soda in 2012. I didn't look back. I know it was my only way to deal with it. Some people might be able to drink it once in a while, I can't. Smoking was the same way. For food it's just different. I never ate junk but I have to be careful with sweets. Those I can have once in a while...but I have to set a limit and stick to it.

    For living two years and a half in a country where the main religion is Buddhism, I do think that people are less aggressive here. I do know about the ten days mediation, there's a few centers here in Taiwan and two people I know did it.
    I couldn't deal with ten days with no music or reading, but again that's my own thing.
    The vegan diet is for sure useful, I do eat less meat for ten years now. At some point it probably helped me not to gain even more weight...

    I'm not sure that just a detox will actually change the gut bacteria. It might help but so far for dealing with IBS for more than two decades, I tried so many things and detox did nothing. It seems from what a specialist said and what I was reading, that we also inherit that too...seems I won the genetic lottery LOL! Kindle did talked about her experience with "fecal transplant" and it did work. I was actually thinking about doing that too at some point, but it seems that my IBS really improved a lot with the sleeve! and even my food allergies....
    I do try to "detox" to with taking my plant supplements..artichoke and others, so I understand.
    Anyway. I wish you the best for your detox! keep us posted!
  28. Greatest decision ever!!!'s Avatar
    I feel like I've stretched my stomach, I am definitely eating more now. I'll need to try your routine Shirl, i also like to detox.
    Looking forward to hearing about your results!
  29. Pam G's Avatar
    Yesterday, I had a CARB ATTACK!!! I ate bread at lunch, bread when I got home from work and bread crumbs on my fish! yikes!

    I love carbs, but they don't love me. (Actually, they love my belly, cause they like to hang out there!)
  30. Shirl's Avatar
    Sandra, you have done sooo well in one year! Losing 36k is no small feat! That's 79.5lbs! You have had a lot of things to overcome specially dealing with different medications that in it of itself can cause havoc on your metabolism. Long term use of any medication can accumulate in your system and become toxic.

    I am a firm believer in detox cleanses, they don't have to be extreme or last longer than a week, it helps aid the body get rid of toxins. I have read (somewhere) the bad gut bacteria thrive on sweets and carbs and fat, and like medication overload so do carbs and sugars and fat become toxins. If not look up cardiovascular disease.

    I am with you, I don't ever want to be trapped in the yo-yo dieting hell ever again. But getting back to basic eating for a week to detox and to get back on working out your sleeve plan is the best next step to staying on a path of unhealthy food choices at least for me.

    Are you familiar with Vipassana? It is an ancient form of meditation practice by Buddhists in India for thousands of years. The better explanation can be found here https://www.dhamma.org/en/about/vipassana but the Vipassana practice is silence isolation to reconnect the body and heart and mind. It's a form of detox. I have signed up to attend a half dozen times, but something always has come up that I had to cancel. While I have not been formally mentored, I've done forms of Vipassana on my own. They have helped me get back to center.

    And you are right food is vital to our human lives and it is nourishment to keep us healthy and centered and functioning in our daily lives. It is also an essential Vipassana practice to eat only clean and nutrient pack foods in their natural state (no animal protein) during the ten day meditation. It is a form of detox.

    I have read several articles on the "pouch reset" there is absolutely no scientific finding that it will shrink the stomach again, but it is a form of a mental reset for folks that have lost their way and gone back to lifestyle choices detrimental to their health and weight loss goals.

    It is the same as others have said "make a plan, work your plan, and revise the plan if it isn't working" or something like that.

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