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  1. One-Year Sleeversary notes and thoughts

    Recovery Time:

    Post surgery I recuperated very quickly, too quickly, I felt great and energetic. I started walking immediately, taking 5-10 minutes walks every hour I was awake the first three days, and gradually increasing until I was walking 30-45 minutes straight. I started low-impact cardiovascular exercise after my one-week post-op check-up. While walking is highly recommended immediately post-op (mainly to avoid blood clots and to assist the CO2 left over from surgery), there ...
  2. 11-Month Sleeversary whaaaat!?!

    Seriously! I'm in denial that 11 months have gone by! Maybe because part if me (and this is something my therapist told me to work on because I feel amazing otherwise!) I may not reach my first weight goal so that makes me feels somesort of way. Head games and stinking thinking make feel like I could have done better. But FUCK that! I am human and unlearning so many food related bad behaviors learned over my lifetime!!! And I need to be proud of the strides I have made in this short period of time! ...
  3. Expanding support and making life long sleeved friends...

    Today was a special day! I had an opportunity to meet another Gastric Sleeve Forum member in person, and left me with such a wonderful and hopeful feeling as I looked to the long future ahead and wondered if I would have to experience being sleeved in a nonsleeved world practically alone. I mean there is just so much our nonsleeved family and friends can or are willing to hear. And the forum is a great support system, but it was a blessing and a privilege to actually connect with another sleeved ...
  4. 10-Month Sleeversary and 50lbs Lost Post-OP

    I have officially lost 52lbs post-op! And 71lbs total since self-imposed pre-op diet which I started March 2016.

    I am wearing size 10/12 comfortably even on my "Moon" days.

    I am eating about 1200-1300 calories, except the root canal recovery which I was hardly eating for about a week. Even with that low cal week, I didn't manage to lose much more than projected/expected loss for the month.

    Feeling a little disorganized, but I am going to ...
  5. Almost 10-Months Post Op

    It's incredible to think it's been 10 months, it feels like just started this journey yesterday.

    Life just continues to move forward and (maybe hormones speaking, yes in the middle of Moon) I feel like I'm trying to catch up or rather keep up with it.

    I have been in California visiting my kids, it has been bliss. I haven't gone to see my mother, which I am dreading. She all of the sudden has an array of ailments. She described what were gallbladder attack symptoms ...
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