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  1. How it feels to be 48 y.o.

    Pretty much the same as 47 y.o. except on my mind, there is a question of what it will be to be a healthy and slender weight? actually, I had not thought about it until my mom asked me while we were at Costco buying my premier shakes, and a lady about my same height 5'6"-5'7" was standing next to me.

    I thought she was way too thin and fragile looking, and to be honest a bit snotty. I am a big bone, curvy, voluptuous woman. This is the woman I have learned to accept and ...
  2. High Protein Shake with Collagen

    Quote Originally Posted by Shirl View Post
    Sleeved or soon to be sleeved,

    I'm still in preop jumps and hoops, and I recently completed my 90-day dietitian and internist visits.

    I had lost some weight, but it had been slow. I had a vascular edema scared last month and started eliminating sodium and carbs altogether, except for complex carbs that come from mostly green vegetables.

    I recently found out about collagen whey protein powders that are rich with essential amino acids and probiotics,
  3. Anyone changed their surgeon in middle of preop???

    I was wondering if anyone changed their surgeon in the middle of preop jumps and hoops.

    I have called and sent several emails to my surgeon's office about updates, and it's been a week and I have not had any responses from anyone. I had my initial bariatric surgeon appointment about a week before Thanksgiving, he said his office in my city would call me to set appointments to move forward. I had the psych eval the following week. But December came and I had not heard from diatician ...
  4. A God sent gift on my worse day through preop

    Thank you Kindle for reposting.


    I just got woke. immensly grateful for this reality check.
  5. Thinking about eating disorders, my first step to recovery

    I have learned so much from folks in this forum and have received a tremendous show of support. I have also been forced to think about such things as head hunger, emotional eating, and food addiction in ways which I was unable to do so before.

    Years back I joined Overeaters Anonymous and Food Addicts Anonymous groups because I knew I had a problem, I left them because they were not working for me. Many times my sponsors became overbearing and judgemental, maybe that was not their ...
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