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  1. Life goes on...

    So this telling not anyone about the surgery came back to bite me in the ass because now I have to go back to work. I took a hiatus for finals, and now almost four weeks later I received an adamant written note from my very sweet supervisor about needed to get back to work, or she'd be forced to cancel my contract. My job is quite easy, but it can be mentally draining, and I have to go to people's homes which mean I have to drive there. I used to love to drive. I am dreading it tomorrow. I ...
  2. My Food Phases

    Hey If anyone is interested below are my food phases as prescribed by my surgeon and dietitian. These are for guideline only.


    - 1 to 2 liters of water daily (no water during meals avoid 20-30 min prior or after meals)
    - Take 2 chewable multivitamin in the morning
    - Take B12, VitD, Biotin liquid or chewable supplements at noon
    - Take Calcium chewable supplements in the evening

    Phase 1 (day 2 to day 10) Liquid Diet: ...
  3. Invitation... Book Club: A Course In Weight Loss

    Anyone interested in joining me for a virtual book club? It will be a weekly one-hour via Skype or Webinar type meeting?

    To learn more about the book and the author please go to:



    Please let me know if you are interested as soon as possible.

    I will keep it to a 6 people group max due to work involved, and for everyone to get a chance to share and ...
  4. Day 6 Post-Op... It's a Doozy!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Shirl View Post
    2am - I woke up, my head and neck throbbing and feeling kind of numb. I am still sleeping sitting up for cautionary purposes, my instruction said for first day only. I decide to toss one of my six pillows that have been prompting me up, feeling better and comfy... I went back to sleep.

    3am - I woke up chocking on stomach acid!!! I'm freaking! I'm all alone! I jump up! My throat is BURNING! I go get a sip of water and take decide to take the Omeprazole 40 mg because I remembered that
  5. Head Hunger???

    Well, I am 5 days out from gastric sleeve surgery, and while the first couple of days seemed like they would never end, I survived. I sipped on water every 30 minutes, took sips of Premier Protein with meds, and I was able to sip on the rest of container by the end of the first day.

    I mix 2 scoops of extra protein on the Premier shake and divide it into three servings and sip on those at set meal times. I also sip on miso and bone marrow broth in the evening; my mug holds just a ...
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