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  1. I'm humbled and grateful...

    This may not jibe with your worldview... and that's okay ! you don't have to agree or like it, but it's part of my journey.

    This morning I participated in a demonstration march during LA Pride parade, as an ally of the Queer community we marched to reclaimed Pride from corporate greed, demanded justice for Transgender folks in communities of color, transgender youth and immigrants, mourned the Orlando shooting victims, and walked in solidarity with those activists that came before ...
  2. Hunger Control Protein's

    Quote Originally Posted by Shirl View Post
    I echo what was said our sleeved tummy is the best weightloss tool that you will have in your possession if you use it wisely. That being said, as a post sleeve patient going on 3-weeks this coming Tuesday I have had some serious hunger issues at night. I understand it could be my food compulsiveness and my conditioning of so many years eating my biggest meal after work. I upped my protein intake, now 90g+ protein, to see if that would help with night hunger, but honestly it did not ease up. Recently
  3. Seriously "Tape your butt!!" If you don't you'll regret it!

    Quote Originally Posted by Numbers View Post
    Hoping that subject line grabs attention

    Seriously, after surgery get a tape measure, measure your thigh, around your butt (female), your waste line, navel, chest, shoulders (men), and right arm.

    Measure ONCE A WEEK.

    When you hit your 3 week stall, or the scale is giving you fits because it will not move, the tape will stop the fretting over the scale.

    Least week I lost 1 lb, 3 week stall coming to an end. But I lost 3 total inches
  4. Two-Week-Sleevesary and Next Steps

    Quote Originally Posted by Shirl View Post
    I can't believe it has been two weeks, and it's surreal to me that I'm sleeved.

    I'm doing excellent relatively speaking, nothing major to complain about health wise. Just my energy seems to have slowed down.

    Yesterday I got on the elliptical and was only able to do 5min., got on the treadmill instead I was pooped by minute 11 on there.

    I'm meeting, sometimes passing my protein goals, I'm taking in about a liter and half of water, my goal is two for
  5. The Protein Thermogenesis and Satiety Issue (Also Personal Taste Test)

    So... I just read a post from someone asking why we need high protein? And so to not to go on deaf ears I have decided to share some of my own research on the subject.

    According to the research I have found as bariatric surgery patients we are at risk for malnutrition, but the risk lowers with gastric sleeve patients as our chances of malabsorption is low.

    I have read that one of the reasons we need high protein pre-op it is because it increases thermogenesis in our ...
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