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  1. 5-Month Sleeversary

    Trying to stay positive and looking at the bright side has taken me extra effort this month. Scale just did not want to budge the first couple of weeks, then I lost, regained during my moon, and lost again this week. So hopefully next month I will know what to expect and not beat myself over it.

    I am on week 6 of my 12-week Get Fit program, I have had to miss a few workouts due to unexpected home repairs, but I made them up on my own by going to the gym and hitting the weight room. ...
  2. Food Compulsion and Addiction

    Quote Originally Posted by Shirl View Post

    It has been said that food compulsion is the worst kind of addiction.

    I recommend reading a "A Course in Weight Loss" by Marianne Williamson. We must first overcome the blockages, or as she puts it tear down brick by brick, that keep us from realizing our health goals. For some people it is easier, they can determine to stop doing something and they can. For them, something clicked in their brain. They overcame a hurdle, a pain, a situation, or as simple
  3. High Protein shake from dense nutrients

    I'm traveling for the next few days and this is what I brought with me for on the go meal replacement for at least my morning meal.

    • 1/4 cup of oat müesli here is the recipe:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    • 1 cup MuscleEgg plain egg-white protein OR Organic egg-whites (Eggology sells ‘Pure, fresh, organic, cage free, tested for salmonella & listeria’ egg-whites)

    • 1/2 cup fresh or frozen berries, or a 1/2 med banana (today I'm using banana) ...
  4. Vitamins/Hair Loss

    Quote Originally Posted by Shirl View Post
    Try stress management. No joke. Seriously.

    Hair is NOT essential for our human survival. If you are losing hair, it means your body's metabolism has halted or slowed nutrients to feed your locks. When you enter a calories restrictive diet, you have major surgery or stress, your body gets on survival mode, and as mentioned hair is the first to go without necessary nutrients.

    Continue to keep your protein and hydration high. Take all your vitamins and try to relax.
  5. *Update* What Am I Doing Wrong??? I'm at wits' end!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Shirl View Post


    After almost ten days of lowering my calories to as close to 1000 as I can get, and two weeks of have started a weight and strength training training, I thought surely I would have lost 1 pound!

    If I had not measured, I would have PUNCHED a wall!

    Freaking InBody scale informed me that I gained 2.5lbs (I thought about what Ann said earlier about muscle gains).

    On the upside

    I have been monitoring
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