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  1. *Update* What Am I Doing Wrong??? I'm at wits' end!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Shirl View Post


    After almost ten days of lowering my calories to as close to 1000 as I can get, and two weeks of have started a weight and strength training training, I thought surely I would have lost 1 pound!

    If I had not measured, I would have PUNCHED a wall!

    Freaking InBody scale informed me that I gained 2.5lbs (I thought about what Ann said earlier about muscle gains).

    On the upside

    I have been monitoring
  2. As if...

    Life wasn't hard enough...

    Our 12+ years old garbage disposal went out of commission two weeks ago, had we not decided to replace it and call the plumber we would have not discovered a leak behind the cabinets which we thought it was the just as old dishwasher. Sears delivered and was going to install new unit last week, but couldn't because leak caused all sorts of black mold on wall and floor. He took both old and new units until further notice. I had a contractor come and give ...
  3. 4-Month Post Op Dietary Tweaks

    Quote Originally Posted by Mbenson5 View Post

    Lol, ladies! I am no expert on this low carb thing, just learned what has worked for me in the past. If I ate 100 carbs a day, I would never lose weight but would gain. I still watch it, but will give in and have a cookie, brownie or whatever on some days. Having lasagna tonight. I just don't have a ton of it. Like 2 cookies rather than 10. The sleeve PLUS developing better habits is key to this!

    On my days I stay strict low carb, my day might look something like
  4. 4-Month Sleeversary

    Okay - after a mental meltdown earlier in the week, overall life is good.

    I started a new p/t job which I love, but getting to/from is a hassle. I had to learn the public transportation system, and one day the bus was running late like 25 minutes, so I started walking back home to get in my car and guess what? The bus passes by as soon as I am 30 feet or so away, which didn't stop for me. Needless to say, I am adding a good amount of walking daily.

    I also started ...
  5. 3-Month Sleevesary Update

    Breath. I remind myself, it is progress, not perfection. Breath.

    I don't know why this is such a mental struggle, well I do, but, still, the head games we play on ourselves... when does it ease up?

    I am not anywhere near unpacking and putting stuff away. I have two boxes full of files I need to go through, and I am avoiding. The guest bed is full of stuff I probably need to throw away. I have shoved a few things on the shelves in my closet that I need to hang up. ...
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