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  1. Almost 10-Months Post Op

    It's incredible to think it's been 10 months, it feels like just started this journey yesterday.

    Life just continues to move forward and (maybe hormones speaking, yes in the middle of Moon) I feel like I'm trying to catch up or rather keep up with it.

    I have been in California visiting my kids, it has been bliss. I haven't gone to see my mother, which I am dreading. She all of the sudden has an array of ailments. She described what were gallbladder attack symptoms ...
  2. 9-Month Sleeversary

    Well, just a quick update on my progress toward my health and weight goals. But first, I want to share some amazing news too, I received a grad school acceptance letter from USC!!! I am not counting my chickens just yet as I am waiting to hear from the financial aid office as to what type of scholarships I may receive, and I am still waiting to hear from another grad program so crossing fingers and toes still. My partner and I have come up with a contingency living plan, whatever happens we will ...
  3. 8-Month Post-Sleeve Gastrectomy

    The good news is that I'm calm and collected despite a jump up on the scale this week. I finally started my "moon" on Sunday! It was a week over due. So I am hoping it's water gain and next week I will know if Christmas indulging has made a permanent stay on my thighs. Needless to say this past week I start each day with the goal of cutting down on non essential carb loaded foods, like granola or cherry Garcia or pecan pralines. Let's just say that sugar cravings have been getting the ...
  4. Bad mood and just feeling craby 🦀 😶

    I'm just in a funk. I don't know how to get out of it.

    I can't seem to get it together! I was doing great for a few days trying to get back on a routine.

    Yesterday I decided to go get a mani pedi before going to the gym to workout, the nail spa is near gym, but it backfired. I just wanted polish removed and cuticles trimmed and cleaned. It took forever and the guy cut me too close in two fingers (which are still hurting.) I just wanted my nails to breath for a while ...
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  5. Idling/Boredom

    Okay gang, just keeping it real.

    As I am waiting to hear from new job prospects, idling and boredom are getting the best of me!

    I had a cup of coffee and found an old bag of mini biscotti in the pantry; I told myself I could have three and next thing I know I was reaching for the last one. There were only six, but still! Self-control was out to lunch.

    I am not beating myself about the biscotti, but then about an hour or two later I ate two beef sticks ...
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