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  1. 3 month checkup

    At 3 months post surgery I am 50 pounds down and have lost 2 dress sizes Let's see what the next 3 months bring. I purged my closet and sent everything that no longer fits to a shelter for battered women . They were quite appreciative because large sizes (especially professional clothing) are rarely donated.
  2. 2 months post

    If I get all my proteins I don't get all my liquids and vice versa. Anyone have any helpful hints? (I don't drink protein drinks because my clinic encourages us to stop using them asap.)
  3. 6 week checkup

    They are happy that I am off the protein drinks and eating my proteins. They want me to up my calories to 1000 per day. I have to go back on medication because my morning sugar is too high.
  4. Renewed energy

    I am finally getting my energy levels back. For the six months prior to surgery I had no energy and felt like I was accomplishing very little because I had to take frequent rest breaks. Wednesday I rearranged the kitchen counter and fridge, Saturday I rearranged the living room furniture and started to organize the shelving. Today I plan to finish what I started. In December it would have taken me a week to accomplish that much work.
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