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  1. 9 months

    Down another 3 pounds this month. No inches lost. On Halloween I start working with a personal trainer. Let's see what the next two months bring. On the bright side I have gone from a size 24 to a size 16, and can now shop in stores I couldn't shop in before.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving!

    It is Thanksgiving Day in my home and native land. Mat your blessings be abundant and your sorrows fleeting.
  3. 8 months

    Not a lot to report this time. I lost 3 pounds this month, no real change in my measurements. Went away this past weekend for a wedding and probably ate more than I should (not so much volume as calories.) Plus didn't get too much exercise because most of August was in high 30s plus humidex into low 40s.
    On the funny side, I couldn't figure out why my bust measurement hadn't really changed - I'd gone down a band size but up a cup size. Basically I went from 44D to 42DD, which isn't ...
  4. 7 months post

    6 more pounds, an inch off my waist and two off my bust. I am into a 1x and a plus size 16 in pants. Looks like the clothes I bought for the summer won't fit next year. More shopping . I haven't fit into these sizes since I finished university. On another note, here in southern Ontario the forecast is for a high of 30 degrees celsius with a humidex of 40 degrees celsius. Yuck!
  5. 6 months clinic checkup

    I went to see the nurse and nutritionist at the bariatric clinic today and they are quite pleased with my progress. I am averaging 70g of protein per day 100g of carbs and 70 oz of liquids, and roughly 1100 calories. There are no restrictions on what I can eat. I must be sure to have carbs such as Melba toast, fruit, or crackers with my meals because I am still diabetic. They also increased my vitamin D to 3000 IU daily because it is quite low. All in all I am pleased.
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