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  1. 23 months, reached my surgeon's "projection" and bracing for XMas impact

    Hello dear friends!

    Sunday I realized that I reached the 50 kgs mark. It's basically what my surgeon was hoping for me to lose during the journey.It's done! (with a bonus!)

    I have higher hopes to reach my own personal target and we'll see how it goes, but I'm very optimistic that being back in my homeland and with access to more nutritious food those good results will continue to show, for sure it's slow but heck I don't care, stalls have been really long because for ...
  2. 21 months...losing again

    Hello my dear friends,

    My new Parisian life is hectic to say the least. But I've been amazed so see my scale move again. And quiet a lot compare to the previous months.
    I lost more than 7 pounds since September, not 100g or 300g per month like before when I was in Asia.

    I must say that I eat much more since I'm back, I have access to more nutritious food. And at work there's functions ALL THE TIME and I was afraid that would be a bad influence on my diet (who ...
  3. 19 months and a "new" country

    Those past weeks have been so complicated I'm not even going to go into too many boring details that are not linked to the sleeve, but stress level has been really really high.

    Moving out of Taiwan, living all those amazing friends behind, arriving in France where my mother just had a heart attack when we were actually boarding the plane...that gives you an idea of the turmoil.

    Besides drama everyday, I managed to eat so well, I just amaze myself.
    We arrived ...
  4. 18 month post-op, last time I see my team!

    Yesterday was my last post-op at the hospital. A little sad I must say, to say goodbye to my amazing surgeon and his lovely team. They all have been great since the start of the journey, for sure I will miss them but we promised to stay in touch!

    My doc was very happy about my progress. My body composition does show that I've been losing more fat and no muscle which is great. I did ask him if it was going to be doable to achieve my goal, he said it could take one more year but I'm ...
  5. What to wear...

    We have an official function in about three days and looking at my closets, I'm seriously running out of "formal clothing". I mean I still have Summer suits I could wear but that's just a few and I'm wearing always the same thing lately (in between two sizes) and realized that many long dresses are too big now so I can't even wear those plus most are just not for the right season (that season called sauna).

    I should be happy because lots of stuff are baggy, instead I just ...
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