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  1. Looking at year 2

    A few months ago I was reading about how our genes affect our weight loss that first year post-op, and how our environment will affect year 2 and the following years.

    I will be one year out tomorrow and will have my one year post-op on Saturday.
    This past-year has been many things, sometimes a roller coaster with many ups and a few downs, sometimes really cozy and calm...but those precious times are just not enough to always feel stress-free.
    Still, that past year has ...
  2. In a stall for two months. Not gaining is winning (on the weight loss battle field ;-)!

    I was in a stall since November.

    Had a bad flu, my asthma kicked in (I was almost free of it since 2011) and while I was happy to be able to stay away from antibiotics, I still had to take my asthma medication for several weeks.
    At the same time I've been in a stall since November, didn't pay attention for a few weeks, then realized in December that it was indeed again a side effect of the medication.
    In 2011 when I had the worst issues with my lungs (asthma/pneumonia ...
  3. Cauliflower is back on the menu!

    Soon after surgery there's many smells and food I couldn't stand any longer. Cauliflower (and all cruciferous veggies) pepper bell, some protein powder or vitamins...the list was long.
    For the last three months I've been able to drink a protein powder I used before surgery and it felt great!
    But I did try cauliflower several times and was never successful.
    The thing is, here in Taipei there's many veggies I like I can't find, and in Asian cuisine they use lots of cabbage and ...
  4. Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year fellow sleevers!
    In three weeks it will be my post-op for the big "one year" anniversary.
    Looking back at the past 11 months I can't believe that I lost so much weight in such a "short time".
    The beginning and few weeks/months post-op it was not always easy but today life is much easier compare to one year ago.
    Just last week I was visiting Osaka, and we walked an average of 5 miles per day and I was ok! At some point we walked 7 miles ...
  5. Shoe size

    Hello friends!!

    Today it's time to talk about a serious topic:shoes!!

    When being big for so long, most of the time I didn't see the point of buying more "giant tent style" clothing...and instead I would enjoy to get nice shoes, at least I thought that if I was going to lose that extra weight one day, at least I would still be able to wear my fav shoes....WRONG!!

    So far, ten months out, +90 pounds down since my first consult (110 from my highest ...
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