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  1. 15 months: last vacation before the big move

    We came back from Australia yesterday at 5 AM, so we are all pretty jet lagged and tired, and I'm very puffy after the long flights.
    Our trip was great, we got a lot done but also had a lovely time with our dear friends.

    It was great also to be able to find lovely food and cook a few meals from scratch that I can't cook in Taiwan because I can't find the ingredients or if I can once a year it's imported and just crazy expensive. So we had lots of veggies (arugula, spinach, ...
  2. 14 months: is it over?

    I know my surgeon said I could lose easily until 18 months out but for the past weeks I see for the first time a "floating" pound coming on and off and I think that my weight is trying to stabilize. Before my weight would never go up (unless I was taking a medication) so I notice something new here.

    My hubby keeps on telling me I look great and don't need to lose more weight, I really want a buffer or at least be out of the wood (on the BMI side). Not the case right now, ...
  3. Taking turmeric to help with tendonitis

    Since we can't take NSAIDs post-op, I decided to try something else that wouldn't affect my stomach.

    I did read a lot in the past years about Ayurvedic "healing". I have a friend who goes to India several times a year to do Ayurvedic retreats, it's all about massages, diet, meditation and taking some important supplements. She has several health issues and it seems to help her a lot.

    Turmeric is used a lot in India to help with inflammation.
    I've been ...
  4. Weaning off the PPI

    The majority of sleevers will get a prescription for a PPI after surgery. I started mine the day after surgery (lanzoprazole 30 mg). While it was a huge help because post-op I had some serious reflux almost immediatly, I tried to stop it several times. My surgeon told me to try around one month or later if my first attempt was not successful.

    One month out was really too early for me.
    At about six months out I tried again, it felt better but then I had a treatment for a virus ...
  5. 13 months : Patellar tendonitis

    So I had my appointment yesterday with the ortho specialist.
    The professor clearly knows his business because just after examination and questioning, even before the X-rays he already knew what was wrong.

    Good news: I don't need surgery, bad news is that I've been in pain for already 8 months with my left knee, now it's both knees and very painful and it could take a while to get better.
    Sunday I walked 6 kms and Monday I was in excruciating pain during the night. ...
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