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  1. Leslieann's Avatar
    You look fantastic!!!! Thanks for posting!!
  2. Christie13's Avatar
    I have acid reflux. Like you I have a hiatal hernia and had minor heartburn before surgery. Definitely more heartburn now.
  3. Christie13's Avatar
    My sister is 5 years post op and has not had any issues. I am not far enough so I couldn't say.
  4. Sandra3's Avatar
    I just replied to you other ost about your teeth. That makes sens now. Cavities could be coming from the reflux.
    My reflux was at it's worth after surgery. I had some issues before but never needed to take any medication besides may be a tums once a month if I had Indian food or too much tea.
    Post-op I could not function without my PPI. I took 30 mg Lansoprazole for about six months and gradually diminished the dose to 15 mg. Right now I take it every two or three days. I'm hoping to stop at some point. I always need to have my dinner two hours before bed time and do try to stay away from some teas/spicy food because it does trigger reflux and I can feel it the days I don't take the medication.
  5. Sandra3's Avatar
    Two of my cousins are dentist and since I had the surgery they focused a little more on the subject regarding their own patients.
    They told me what they noticed: many of their bariatric patients (right now in France it's mainly sleeve) have issues with their teeth, especially those who have a bad reflux and/or not taking medication for it. The result could be enamel issues or cavities.
    Two others had issues because they didn't take their supplements and needed more calcium. From what I understand, sometimes if your calcium level is ok on your blood test, it doesn't actually reflect "the reality". Basically the body will just go and find the calcium where it can find it, so bones and teeth. So blood test could be ok but then apparently we should have Xray to look at our bones.
    Since I saw my cousins in October, I'm planning on doing more tests when I will be in France next month. Starting with a panoramic X-ray. In the mean time I'm taking calcium supplements.
    I thought the issue was specific to France because some doctors don't give a PPI to all their patients post-op, and many don't advise on taking vitamins post-sleeve (because many French doc have something about taking supplements..go figure..)...may be the issue is actually not specific to the after care but just the surgery itself??
  6. Pam G's Avatar
    I hope not....breaking and losing teeth is one of my big fears!
  7. Shirl's Avatar
    Teri, great to hear from you!

    Have you tried sleeping on an incline?

    I woke up choking on stomach fluid just a few days post op, and it scared the beegeezers out of me. I went to see my doctor the next day, and he told me that he recommends the incline sleeping method to all his patients with GERD and Acid Reflux, along with a special acid reducing diet.

    I have been sleeping on an incline since I bought a special incline foam pad for my mattress.

    Sometimes I get a little heartburn once in a while, but nothing a chewable Pepcid can't fix.
  8. hypn's Avatar
    Have you visited your Surgeon lately. I had to have a entire Barium swallow in order to see if the sleeve was not the cause -
  9. Ann2's Avatar
    Nope. Not so far. I'm 2.5 yrs post op and 71 years old.
  10. Muted_Tummy's Avatar
  11. Merry Mary's Avatar
    Congrats on another year of a healthier you! What fun it must be for your kids to be able to play with them rather than watch them.
  12. kenson's Avatar
    Congratulations! It's great to see an "old timer" still doing well!
  13. manzerick's Avatar
    Such a great life change. I also will often see old pictures, and think I am the "giant".

    So much so, I will struggle to find myself in pictures these days. The good ole "look for the biggest fella" doesn't work anymore.

    Great work!! Welcome year 3!
  14. seecshrink2017's Avatar
    You look amazing! Congrats!!
  15. bangieb's Avatar
  16. newclear's Avatar
    Congrats! I'm with you on the anaemia page. Unfortunately, nothing works. Because my prior job was highly specialised, my blood count was important and I couldn't meet the minimum standard. I have to have a bone marrow analysis done before they could buy off on allowing me to do certain work again. My count is still low, but no side effects.

    I had my surgery prior to you and I still can't believe that some of the pics were previously me. It feels like a lifetime ago... such a huge change in lifestyle overall. Hope you'll meet your new weight goal. Thanks for sharing.
  17. Sandra3's Avatar
    I'm glad you were able to regain some weight! I was wondering how you were doing!
    I have been dealing with anemia for ages and it got really bad a few months ago, even with taking my vitamins religiously....I noticed my hair did fall more during that time too. I did stop the biotin because I was growing hair on my chin (three or four but still) and nothing was really changing with my hair...but since my iron level is better the hair situation got better too. I also tried a new kind of iron made from curry leaves it's easier on my tummy (I used to have cramps after taking my iron, but I take like 80mg per day) and from my last blood test I seem to absorb it better this time. It's called "Rainbow Light, Certified Plant-Source Iron".
    I understand how you feel when looking at old pictures....I'm still dealing with the complicated body image...and I'm not even at goal yet...
  18. mrf0418's Avatar
    Congrats! It's great isn't it!!!
  19. Indianasleeve's Avatar
    I am always COLD. I am a year out and it hasn't gotten any better for me.
  20. Muted_Tummy's Avatar
    I haven't reached this stage yet, although, at support group many who are same month or same poundage range as me..have. Does everyone get this cold chill? Hoping maybe I'll get a pass.
    Well layering is fashionable so rock on!
  21. JennK's Avatar
    lol.. I have always been the warm blooded one.. now, im freezing my butt off!!
  22. Merry Mary's Avatar
    I understand the always cold feeling. It's a small price to pay for being thinner. While it won't help when you're out and about, a heated mattress pad is great. I think I use it about 10 months a year.
  23. Aydensmomma's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by sraebaer
    Who cares, you're thin and beautiful. Down vests and leggings are very fashionable!
    And some knee high boots......I love to buy things now, used to be strictly sweats and jeans
  24. Aydensmomma's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by KariVSG
    you look amazing
    Thank you!
  25. Aydensmomma's Avatar
    Shirl....I want your weather to come to CT
    It's been chilly and cloudy and windy all week.....supposed to be rainy too.
    And I'll be looking for polypro, never heard of it...Google time.
  26. KariVSG's Avatar
    you look amazing
  27. sraebaer's Avatar
    Who cares, you're thin and beautiful. Down vests and leggings are very fashionable!
  28. Connie4's Avatar
    Polypro is the way to go. Not thermal underwear.
    It's a first layer and then you add more.
    I am in Alaska I know what you mean.. I was cold before surgery and its getting worse'.
    This summer I slept with a fan on my head and electric blanket on my feet....they are freezing.along with my hands
  29. Shirl's Avatar
    When I was a teen I found a cool, down feather parka at a second hand store. I loved it! But I only got to wear it a few times that we'd go up to Big Bear and Arrowhead mountains, and on the several occasions temp got below 45* in Los Angeles.

    I haven't lost all my weight and I know exactly what you mean. Before moving back to CA I would have A/C blasting at 68* day and night in Austin, our electric bill was pretty high. I have been back to Austin about six weeks now temp is still up in the 90's some days over a 100*, I think this week may start going below 90*. My point is that my A/C has not gone below 78* these past six weeks, and that's me weighing 190lbs. Yikes! I wish I had that parka about now.
  30. Aydensmomma's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by sraebaer
    5'7", 130 pounds and a size 2. You are SKINNY! Way to go! I never made it to skinny, just regular BMI.
    A regular BMI is great!! It's nice to type in the numbers and not have "morbidly obese" come up.
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